Your Uni at work

I rode my uni to work for the first time this morning! :slight_smile:

If I’ve got this right, here it is at my desk as an attached image:


Here’s my 26" Muni at work, posing because i just mounted the flatt-boiled saddle.





Here is mine (KH29 with 26" wheel) at work.

Got only positive comments so far.
One colleague asked wether it is a complete vehicle or only part of it.
My boss asked me to show that I can ride on the corridor.


do you have vees on it? or maguras

Just gave in to my poor financial control and stuck a 29" Nimbus muni on the credit card that I’m supposed to be paying off, that’s Saturdays job at work sorted. Will get a pic up!

Inspired by unishark I have put V-brakes onto the KH29-Frame to be able to use a 26" wheel.

My uni at work:

There is no horse play at work, So I ride my Uni

unicycle2 of 2 - Copy - Copy.jpg

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Wow, what an amazing view of a Wind Turbines field!

I really like the rim you got there Straightarrow!

Pride of place


My boss from corporate was visiting our Tech Support office. I practice riding my uni while on lunch, and he could see me from his Office. He confronted me later saying that he took a picture of me and sent to his wife saying “These are the freaks that work for me.” I also juggle while on calls with customers, so he is used to me doing weird things at work.

Coultn’t desecrate my uni by snapping a pic of it lying in my cube because my cube is very messy so here is a pic of uni with my other office.

perhaps this pic will be easier to see?

That a 29er? thats a huge tire

No, its just a 20 in wheel…but I will order a 29er in two weeks! (finally saved enough coke cans!)

That is a cool photo Danomite33 but can I ask how can a fighter be lethal and survivable?

@raw i was thinking the same thing

Here’s my 26" again (this time with mounted Magura rim brakes, thanks digger, and respositioned light), in the background you can see my 20".



Forgot the attachement :roll_eyes: