Your Trials backyard course

Well im getting some different materials to work with so i can make my own trials course. So i was wondering wether it would be good to see other peoples set-ups. I have searched to see if this is done and it might have been if it was really old cause i didnt want to go through the hundreds of pages. This is also one of those threads that either works and gets lots of replies or fails and doesent get any replies facepalm

There are a few threads showing a variety of setups.

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Also MuniAddict’s course.

Why am i always the unlucky one i suppose if you already had one there is no point for this thread?

Is it worth it to build something that you can access in a public place?

I’m considering putting up a trials “playset” for my son, but it’ll be more like a giant erector set that allows variation.

What Terry built is fine, but it is not cheap, I’m thinking more like what you see at competitions, so pallets and tires, maybe some RR ties

I see what your saying but for one thing is that if your tired and you want to push yourself out there and have a small go you dont want to go find a place you can just do it in your backgarden. Also its better to fall of with nobody watching then in public:o
How old is your son then?

That depends. How good is your insurance policy?

Google “attractive nuisance”. That should set you straight. :smiley:

Yes, if you can do it w/ city approval and can get others to help.

Talk to your LBS’s about building a “mtb skills course”.

It could take quite a while to build up the will and #'s of the bike/uni community, and the acceptance of the towns-people. Each one I’ve heard about comming up lately took at least 3 yrs before a shovel ever took to the dirt (New York, Seattle & one in Nevada that took 7). Don’t dispair, maybee someone has already started the process.

Ray’s Mtb Park I think only took 2 yrs, but he bought the wherehouse building where everything’s at.

Sell the towns people on all the benefits: It can be disigned so it is pleasing to the eyes, gives a place for kids to get exersise (fighting the increasing weight & diabities problems), stay out of trouble, and I’m sure a few others I can’t think of at the moment.

In NY, at the park where they built it, it was basically a big trash heap among a small “forest”. No-one in their right minds would go in there except for junkies and homeless.

In Seattle they built it in a large unused space under a freeway overpass.

…in both cases they were in locations that nobody wanted and just the bike community was willing to put in the work.

In NY there were a bunch of people who were really energized in making it happen SOME-WHERE. If I remember correctly the city was on board w/ the idea after only about a year, then they spent nearly the next 2 yrs finding a location in downtown NY.
…it has to start w/ someone, that could be you, and then others who you bring into the project do most of the work:o :sunglasses:

Oh sorry i didnt get what you meant…I thought you meant find your own lines in the public like benches, walls and stuff like that :roll_eyes:

I know skilewis showed me :smiley: Maybe i should have searched every page?

Ah, missed that.
I don’t think you should have searched every page, it is too boring when you can just post a new thread. And before this I didn’t know that you exist.

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