Your three favourite riders.

The closest i´ve seen to this kind of thread is the “your favourite trialsrider”.
This is the thread of your three favourite riders of all time.

My list:

  1. Luke collalto

  2. Fredrik Justnes

  3. Jon Atwell

Jon atwell placed just before loic baud, even tough he can do more tricks, but it is something in jon atwells style that makes him third.
Fredrik was the first rider i watched and i learned a lot of him, and Luke collalto has the style that no other rider have.

I would say:

  1. Ryan Atkins

  2. Dan Heaton

  3. Cedric Vincent

Ryan has the smoothest trial I’ve ever seen. Dan created street and flatland. And Cedric is just awesome on his KH26

  1. raphael poham (cos hes younger than me, but legendary!)
  2. Luke C (cos hes awesome)
  3. Adrien (cos hes amazing!)

raphael poham
elliot h

  1. Loic
  2. Luke
  3. Elliot
  1. Spencer Hochberg
  2. Spencer Hochberg
  3. Spencer Hochberg.

I’m wearing a Spencer Hochberg shirt right now :).

i take it you like adrien then?:stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to hear some motivations otherwise it’s not very intresting :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Chris Huriwai - His style is very aggressive and flowy (not in an offensive way :P) and his videos always keep me interested.

  2. Shaun Johanneson - Even though we haven’t seen much of him lately, he has always been an idol to me.

  3. Luke C - Creativity at it’s best! Always flowy lines and full of surprises. Some big tricks here too.


  1. My wife, because she’s my wife.

  2. Me, because I like myself better than anyone else who rides a unicycle except for my wife.

  3. ?

Oh, you mean “favorite” as in favorite riders because of their skills… Oops.

1.raphael poham
2.Kaori Matsuzawa
3.ryan atkins

  1. Will “Top Chef” Riley
  2. Krisz Kovacs
  3. Kevin McMullin

Man you guys are weird! Everyones list has to be

Krizs Loic and Adrien all tied :stuck_out_tongue:

Krizs - VERY aggressive, sometimes really sketchy but I think it looks awesome. Biggest rolling hops I’ve ever seen. Also the best crankflip gapper (onto and over things)

Loic - Loics been one of my idols ever since I started riding. He always does diffrent tricks to other people. He keeps flatbattles and videos fresh, very unique and AWESOME style

Adrien - Not much style, but the big tricks are undeniable.

But sometimes I like watching people with certain style, Like Luke c, Dan h, Credric V, Spencer, Elliot, Kevin m, Kelly h, Shaun j.

This is why Loic is the better; you said nothing bad about him.

And you cannot say Loic doesn’t have big tricks: quadflip, treydoubleback, hicktripleback, rolling 900 unispin, hicklatedoubleback, 270 monkeykick, and the 180 flip-underflip to name the best he has shown us.

270 monkeykick isnt a big trick

it isn’t? It looks so nice though, especially when out of sideways wheelwalk.

  1. Seisuki Kobayashi- Muni world champ in multiple disciplines

  2. Sam Wakeling- 453km in 24hrs, nuff said

  3. Ryan Atkins- not just an amazing trials rider, he can ride fast too

It does look really nice but it isnt a big trick. 450 monkeykick would be a big trick :smiley:

My favorite riders are :

  1. Kevin McMullin- Beast. I want more Kevin McMullin street videos
  2. Krisz Kovacz- Sick style
  3. Spencer Hochberg- Clean, flowy flatland that looks good and is 0% boring to watch


  1. Adrien Delecroix
  2. Loic Baud
  3. Luke Collalto
  4. Christian Huriwai
  5. Krisz Kovacz
  6. Cedric Vincent

couldn’t narrow it down to three lol.

  1. Kris Holm (inspired me to start riding, nice guy too)
  2. Joe Hodges
  3. Fabian Mark
    2 and 3 are equal in my mind, I just started watching Hodges before I knew of Fabian.