Your suggestions for best muni songs?

I really would like to get everybody’s input as to what songs you would likely choose for muni videos. Whereas the rap-type stuff seems to work well for street/trials riding, muni seems better suited for rock-type songs. I could be wrong though.

Please give me as many song ideas as you can think of. Any era from 50’s to present and please give song & artist too. Thanks!:smiley:

I doubt you like country…But i always wanted to use this song for a muni video… Its called “Good Day to ride” and its by George Canyon( I could be wrong…Im very sure thats who it is though.) It works so well and i think it would really suit your riding style.

I purchased Green Day’s “American Idiot” album on the way down to Moab, had it in my head for the whole weekend, and totally shredded (for me).

I’ll check those out. Thanks!

hmmm, personally, I’m fond of “can’t get my head aroud you” by the Offspring(thanks Forrest)

it works well for any type of riding.

Red Hot Chili Peppers “Dani California” or any other good songs by them would be good.

Well i know that as soon as i get some MUni footage and make a video im gonna have “Cliffs of Dover” by Eric Johnson playing in the backround. so maybe check that out.

“Velocity” by Face to Face. “Leave it Alone” by NoFX. Oh wait, I’m planning on using those…
“Spring”, by Vivaldi :wink:

i was just listening to a song by Finn (i.e. Neil and Tim Finn, of Crowded House), and it seemed the lyrics were perfect for a Muni video…

“I took a ride in an angel’s heap
and she took me away to where
the hills are steep”…

the song is called Angel’s Heap, and it’s a great tune too…