your pimped ride!

Have not see a thread like this in a while so lets have a pimped ride thread. Lets see who has got the most chillin unicycle out there HOLLA! :sunglasses:

here is my ride, its a 05 kh free ride but not just any freeride its the actual prototype of the frame. I bought this chillin ride from kris about a year ago and man its sweet. There is no paint on it so its just the cold alluminum which is cool since it looks like no other. I also have a protype seat with a fabric that was never introduced as a seat that you could buy. i am also running a magura hs 11 and thats about it!

pmp… (pretty much pimp)

Here’s a pic of one of my Muni’s. It’s a SH frame that I redesigned the crown on. It’s equipped with Magurs HS 33’s, Kore pedals, 24x3 Gazz and an Alex Dx 32

I abort this thread post birth

Here is my new project. Work in progress, the Choppiraffe.
I have the frame and wheel painted, now I am waiting on a set of 140mm cranks and a new saddle to finish it off.


Nice, I’m still trying to figure out how to mount a 20" billet wheel to a uni hub.

At first I though Krashin’Kenny’s frame was an 06 torker… When I looked closer it was obviously way cooler:)

That has my vote!

This is more a prototype than anything, I plan some changes to the design.

i like this one the best

hey, how did you build that? I want to try building a uni some time, despite the fact that I dont have a welding torch… But I know someone else with one.

do u even know how to weld ? if u do cheap welds ur frame will snap

Nope, but I know someone who can weld really well (restores cars, rebuilds lots of stuff)…

Who me? Yeh I do, I have rideing it for about 3 weeks and play hockey on it. Wasn’t sure how it would work at first but it holds me and I am over 200LBS so yeh I know how to weld.

I was going to go to MONDO this weekend with it but other plans have come up so I won’t be there.

I have the same seat I think.

What’s that engine in the background?

It is out of a 2000 ford F150 and the head gaskets had gone bad, good design, you need to pull the motor to do the heads on it…smart thinking by ford there. There are also no timing marks on the engine for those who know auto mechanics…made for an intresting reassembly. Crossed my fingures and hope for it to start.:slight_smile: