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i’ve been looking for a new uni for a while now, and found one that caught my eye. I want something to get me from point A to point B, and with style!!! I’ll mostly be using it on streets, possibly to school and back (which is a lot of steep hills). i want a bigger wheel than my current 20 inch, but not a coker, i was thinking of something in the middle, and i found this one.

i think it looks awesome. should i spend the 450 on it? i’d love some input.


The Pashley has “lollipop” bearings which can cause additional stress on the frame.

If you are looking for a good commuter, I would suggest a uni with a 28 or 29 inch wheel. I have an inexpensive 28" Sun and it really cranks on the road.

I would suggest something with more bang for the buck such as the Yuni below:

I agree with Kenny. The seat is a substantial upgrade as well (the Viscounts become very comfortable after a while), and a 29" will increase your speed by quite a bit while not being as large as a Coker. The Yunis have been well spoken of on this forum (I think), and for $150 less, you could buy yourself a nice camelback and a cycling computer to ride in even more style!

Pashleys have become out dated and thus over priced.the paint colors are nice and the bottle mounts are cool but there are better options now days.

I’ve got both the Pashley 26’ and a Yuni 29er. My Pashley has been thrashed all around the world and still going strong. I never use it anymore, preferring my YUni instead. But I can’t bear to part with it-we’ve gone through a lot together

However, if the Yuni Muni had been available at the time I would pick the YUni over the Pashley. The brake bottle mounts are on the Pashely are pretty impracticle off road. The lollipop bearings are also pretty fiddly when you are trying to get the wheel off. But as far as lollipops go, they’re not too bad, just a tad heavy and bad for your teeth.

Gotta agree with Jag on that one. I bought a 20" Pashley for my son, and while he’s loved it and it rides well, the serviceability is a hassle and the workmanship was poor. See this photo in my gallery for what I found once I finally managed to pound the lollipops out of the frame so I could change the tire:

For a company that builds these things for a living, I’d expect a bit more precision…

The other advantage of that Yuni is the flat crown…you may one day want to ride at high speeds one-footed, which the Pashley won’t support.

The Pashely has the good type of lollipop bearing holders. The Pashley bearing holders have not caused any broking or cracked frames that I’m aware of.

Something based on one of the painted Yuni frames would look sharp.

Darren Bedford <; also has some nicely colored unicycles. Darren also paints the hub which makes the complete unicycle look even better. You can see pictures of his colored unicycles in his Webshots gallery
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If you want something with style I’d go for one of the colored Bedford unicycles. They look sharp.

Something with a 26" fat slick tire would be nice for street riding and commuting. A 29er would also be nice. But the 26 has more fun value for urban riding. You can hop up stairs better on a 26, ride down stairs better, and maneuver better. The 29er is just faster, but the larger diameter wheel won’t take as kindly to lots of jumping around.

There are also some nice 2" and 2.125" slick 26" tires. There is lots of good tire selection for a 26" wheel.

I have a Pashley 29er on order, I selected it after reading everything I could find and actually sitting on an inexpensive 28 inch uni at a juggling festival. It seems like it will be a reasonable choice for the trail riding I plan to do with it, and Pashley has a good durability reputation, however you might want to take a hint and shop some more. The other posters are trying to talk you into saving a few quid, and they may have some very good points; besides, looking through’s catalog is great fun!
I do plan on throwing a few large rubber bands around the frame to keep water bottles in their places, I told Mike Fule I was going to use duct tape, but that was only a bit of lame political humor unworthy of this honorable site!
By the way, if anyone has any assembly hints for the Pashley I would love to hear them, carjug at yahoo dot com.

Mine has started breaking the frame and has a bit of play in the frame/bearing holder joints which it never used to. I don’t expect it to last forever. Pashley lollipops are a better lollipop than the standard ones, but still nowhere near as good as the yuni style bearing holders.

Pashley also won’t fit a 29" tyre except the not very fat nanoraptor one. A 28" yuni frame will fit pretty much any 29" tyre.


The Pashley looks much more attractive at British prices (£122 for the basic one on than at American prices ($263 on Washington must be protecting the domestic unicycle industry … I’m sure a WTO complaint has been filed.

I’ve got a Pashley (£122 variety) and I find the bottle bosses really useful. I like to ride unencumbered and have so far resisted getting a camelback. To keep the bottle in place during UPD’s, use a small gauge bungee cord.

Thank you all SO much

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking, and i believe that a 26" Yuni is exactly what i’ve been searching for. The price difference from the Pashely is definitely a plus and from what you everyone has said, the Yuni is by far a better buy. A 26" sounds ideal for my needs, now all that’s left is to scrounge the extra $285.76 to buy and ship. Thanks for all of the help, couldn’t have decided without it!

I’ve owned a 29" Pashley for 18 months now, and have not had any problems with it. The lollipop bearings have required zero maintenance, the frame has held up with just a few minor scratches to the paint, and the bottle holders have stayed on without a problem. It’s a very solid Uni and I anticipate it will last many years.

The one problem I had was tubes which didn’t last long, but I attribute that to the quality of the tubes I was using. I have changed the tube many times as a result, and never had any problems with the lollipop holders.

BTW, I think the listed price of $449 may not be correct for the 26", since the 29" is actually cheaper at $407. As I recall, the 26" was less expensive than the 29".