Your Favorite Trick!

HA good one you are a very UNIque person, Terry
My favorite trick is probably when you do a crankgrab then crankflip to another crankgrab, which was in “The Life” vid

Yea, I saw that at the Fluck street comp. I dont remember who it was, but he didn’t land it.

i know a “seat whip” to be on flat. like when your hopping static you let your seat drop to the ground and hop whilst your seat is on the ground. than you hop real high and “whip” the seat under you. its reall hard but ive seen it done before by TomPec. in one of his older vids.

I know that is a seatwhip as well. But i am almost positive they share the same name.

i dont know a lot of the super tech street trick names. i like vids where i can tell what is happening w/o captions to say the tricks that are so tech that they are impossible to comprehend w/o captions and slow-mo.

i think a tweeked and extended 180 tiregrab down a big set looks amazing.

I really like that 180 no footed tire grab off of the garbage pale that Xavier did in one of his vids. Its a great trick, that can be tweaked into almost anything. I also like that crankflip to tire grab that luke did in either his Pokemon vid, or his Sponsor vid. It looked nice how he stopped the cranks from rotating by grabbing the tire, then stomped down on the uni with his feet.

I liked luke’s sideways coast!!!

sounds even better…never seen that…can u post a link plz

Yea, I just have to find the vid. I’ll post it in a second.

EDIT: here. At 43 seconds

wait… thats just a no footer. Sorry, I could have sworn it was a tire grab… Thats what I get for trusting my memory.

However, at 1:30 he does a pretty nice no footed tire grab.

I am not all that much a fan of tech street riding either. I like to watch simple riding, that looks extremely impressive. Something like what Luke does, or what Heaton does. Not as much Heaton as Luke though. He makes All his stuff look relatively easy. Not that I dont think Shaun is pure amazing, but I just don’t find his style of riding as attractive as I used to.

Stuff that Luke does like Hickbackflips up three stairs, and Treflips to standup wheelwalks, and Unispins to Sideways wheelwalks. Those are some impressive tricks. You don’t see that kind of riding come from Shaun.

I guess I have come to love both Standup wheelwalks, and Sideways wheelwalks. I guess there are so many great variations of the Wheelwalk.

wow nice vid…thanks for sharing.

i think tech street is amazing and give cred for those who accomplish it, i just pfrefer simple BIG and TWEEKED tricks over big gaps and drops and whatnot.

Treflips are the best. But I also love high speed gliding. And I think Kevin Wharton is the worlds best glider.

Backflips (forward momentum)… both in and out of uni. awesome stuff

I have never seen it done, but a footplant, into a 360 would look pretty sweet. I can almost make it into a 180.

Twist or spin?

Twist. Like a footplant, then rotate your body around 360 degrees.

As simple as it is, clean rolling unispins, to any degree look really attractive.

stand-up ww bw sif c
MUCH harder than in a straight line!
Last week I did almost 3 rounds.

smallspins and any type of unispin out of a wrap, and sideways ww