Your Favorite Trick!

I dont think this is anywhere else. I searched for it.

Just post your favorite trick, weather it is one that you can do, or you have seen someone do. Street, Flatland, Freestyle, whatever.

Just describe it if it isn’t a common trick.

One of my favorite tricks is the sideways wheel walk. It just looks so attractive the way it can be used in variations with many other tricks. Luke Collalto is responsible for this being my favorite trick. :stuck_out_tongue:

So yea, post your favorite tricks!

No footers look awesome, I just wish I could do them…
Xavier Collos does that crazy one in Defect :smiley:

Make people(mostly kids) believe I remove my thumb from my hand. Then pop it back on. That’s my favorite trick.

unicycling: no footer

other: telling someone that it’s impossible to balance a glass of water on the backs of both of their hands, then helping them attempt it.

My favourite trick that I can do is gliding, or Coasting.

My favourite trick that I can’t do yet, is probably stand up gliding.

I love crankflips and stuff like that too, but stand up gliding is probably one of the most impressive tricks to me, and it is something you can do very easily while still rolling and not losing too much speed.

If you ride a Coker too closely behind Tom Blackwood he invariably UPD’s. Check his sig line. My favorite trick is not running over him.

Coasting whilst standing on top of the seat. I thought it was impossible until I saw it on Youtube.

tweaking out a 180 over a big gap. That and 360’s over gaps are sick

I HAVE TO see that. can i have a link?

linkage please
hickflips and donkey flips look cool

I’m a fan of no footers with a late 180.

You jump up doing the no footer and when you reach the highest point slap your feet back down and tweak out the 180 as you come down.


Freestyle - Standup wheelwalking, spins, sideways ww.

Street - 180 no footers, handrails, hickflips.

Flat - probably like 2,3,4 leg arounds and then pull of a trick out of the legaround, I think combos are really cool. Static combos. and sideways ww.

Ohhh and i cant do any of those…

Ones that I can do are probably 1 footed unispins and double leg arounds and i am really close to sideways wheelwalking. :slight_smile:


at 1:10 (but it’s all pretty awesome; watch it all)

No-footers and NF variations.
Late no-footers, No-footer 180s, 360s, no-footer shifties, nf drops… nf lookbacks…

I actually like Sexchanges, and Body Varials a lot. I can almost do a 180 body varial. I started to learn them when I learned 180 unispins.

i can’t do it
but when people crank grab on a picnic table and let the uni fall and spin all the way around and then jump off
idk what its called

Its called a seat whip… (im pretty sure)

Its a fairly easy trick, but it is difficult to make it look as smooth as shaun J makes it look. You have to jump and land your crank on the table, so the seat will have room to spin. Its very hard to do that smoothly. A great trick indeed.

I don’t think someone has landed this, but if someone were to incorperate a crankflip into a 720 unispin, that would definatley be in my top 10 favorite tricks. It could be called a “7th flip” lol.

Throwing my voice into a cellphone and ppl think it’s really a caller! Umm, favorite trick is my “coker kickup mount®”. Haven’t seen anybody else do it, and I think I was first to do so, at least on video!:smiley:

Those have to be the best riders in the UNIverse! Amazing!