Your Dream Uni

OK so I did search this and I didnt find ANYTHING like it so dont blame for starting a thread that has been done a million times. I would like to know, what is your dream set up? I mean if you had a million dollars to spend on one uni (or BC, or UW) what would it be. Only thing is you cant say that you would get parts custom made in a machine shop thing. Just out of any stock part in the world. List parts, colors, if you feel like it prices, and if you really want to you can draw something in paint. Ill start. O ya, list parts from saddle to tire. And say whether its for trials, muni, distance, etc.


KH saddle cover
Koxx seat gel
Deathgrip Handle
Swallis CF bumper
Swallis base
Thomson Post
XTP frame
Profile hub and cranks
Jim C pedals
DT champion spokes
Orange nipples
VIZ blue rim
Maxxis CC

It would be custom… and would include a 24" KH.

Custom as in, the frame would have to be wider.

Because I would want a 24" Large Marge rim and a 24" Endomorph Tire.

EDIT: I just read you can’t get stuff made custom in a machine shop. What if I did it myself?

oooh i dream bout this all the time!

i’m not gonna be all techincal just design wise i would like…

An 20" Onza trials 2005 model but stead of yelow and black i would like a stripey green and oranger frame with a green tyre, orange pedals and a specially made purple knoxx gell saddle with oranger polkadots

if you’re reading this Santa please put this under the xmas tree this xmas! :stuck_out_tongue:

20’ sun…definatly

nah id go for…like a really good looking one which is like made of kevlar and titanium, the nipples would be diamonds with gold plated designs on it…and the seat would have a massage thingy on it :smiley:

wont fill in too much detail:D…but its a good unicycle in the end =P

Torker DX with a Nimbus II frame.

Seeing how I already have that, All I want for it is a SW cf-base, and thompson seat post.

Other than that. The uni is perfect.

a diamond studded tire for the bad icy winters here.

well im actually making my dream uni at the moment, it will be ready in about 2 weeks.

kh 07 street seat
kh 07 post
kh 07 clamp
kh 07 frame
koxx isis hub
koxx isis cranks
black spokes
blue nipples
orange Viz 19" rim
blue rim tape
maxxis cc
blue jimmy c pedals

I pretty much have my dream uni.

Kh fusion seat with gel padding and a CF base
Cromoly seat post (re-enforced by me)
06 KH frame with paint stripped
Black clamp
KH/onza hub
127 KH cranks
06 KH rim
Plastic pedals
Maxxis cc

KH/Schlumpf splined geared hub on a 05/06 kh 19" kh rim with kh trials frame, thompson post, KH railless post adapter, miyata CF seat with cut fusion foam, kinport or any good handle that won’t snap, Odyssey pc twisted pedals, salsa QR clamp.

kh sclumph geared muni with carbon fibre frame and kona jackshit pedals

Custom Titanium everything. Including the tire, when I say everything I mean it.

But seriously I am pretty close street/trials wise.

KH dual layer seat (I think it was just a prototype cause only bedford seemed to sell it, sort of a cross between the street and the freeride seat)
Toss a wallis base under it with a thomson post.
Add a KH frame,
Try-all tire,
random tube,
KH 05 rim,
KH moment hub,
Koxx-One 110 mm cranks.
Wellgo B-36 pedals

I think I’m pretty happy with what I have now though. I don’t really want to throw anymore money into it than I have to.

What I would really like is either a more customized coker or a nice freestyle.

For the Coker it would be pretty much a copy of Ken’s Coker, although really I would be happy with just Ken’s wheel. I like my seat, the post and the frame is fine.

For Freestyle my wet dream is definatly this

I would want to paint it but I don’t know what colours yet.

oh man,

kh 07 street/freestyle seat
kh 07 post
kh 07 clamp
kh 07 frame, 'cept it would be flat olive green
ISIS hub and cranks, the ones on the 07 kh
orange viz rim 19"
green nipples
demolition rasta pedals
maxxis cc

mine would be

kh street fusion saddle
kh seat post (painted yellow)
koxx gold double bolt clamp
nimbus II frame (painted orange)
qu-ax yellow hub/crank set
gold 19" tryall rim
yellow spokes
orange nipples
Yellow jim c pedals

so it would be an awesome bright uni that would hurt your eyes when you look at it.

one without bent cranks.

Edit: Actually whenever i have a dream about unicycles the unicycle i have is always just a frame because the wheel is on the front of someones bike. It is like a re-accuring thing. i always have to chase up tools, take apart the bike, put the wheelset and cranks on and by that time i wake up. really really frustrating and if i try hurry it up i generally find it impossible to put the cranks on.