Your Dream Team

I’m in the middle of watching England’s Football Dream Team and it got me thinkin, if you had to pick a team of five unicyclists who would be in your Dream Team???

Kris Holm
Dustin Kelm
Ryan Atkins
Two of those amazing Japanese freestyle riders.



no, Dan Heaton Andy?

What about Jacinto?


Oh, I forgot Dan…well swap one of the Japanese freestyle people for him then. It’s tough to pick only 5 though.

Kris Holm
Dan Heaton
Kevin McMullin
Ryan Atkins
Tony Melton (go NZ unicycling!)

Frank Brown
Trip Glazer
Sam Cooksey
Nick Mullen
Team H

go Hell On Wheel!!!


my dream team would include:

Daiki Izumida
Dan Heaton
Kris Holm
Josue Barreto
Ryan Atkins

donald rumsfeld
kimmy gibbler
curious george
bart simpson

No Batman Trip? …weak dude.

for my dream team, i would pick one person for trials, freestyle, street, and muni. plus someone who is just all around good. so:
ryan atkins for trials
daike izumida for freestyle
me or dan doerksen for street
dylan wallinger for muni
and dan heaton for the all around good one

there we go.

Sem Abrahams?

Me-because it would be cool to meet great unicyclists
geff groves-he’s a good photographer and hardly crap @ unicycling.
Ryan atkins- because with the 2 bedford people on the team i think i could blag stuff 4 free.Great rider and I would like to meet him.
Dan Heaton-Nice guy/good @ filming and bloody amazing!
Kris holm or dylan- kris becuase he get’s all travel paid for so i could hide in his bag or something
dylan because he is really good and seems a cool person to meet.

I cant believe most of u have missed out Jacinto hes bloody amazing!


probli because i can’t spell it.

mines is probably-

Dan Heaton
Ryan Atkins
Jacinto Ayuso
Jas’o’Mac (me)
Kevin McMullen


well… if i was going to go riding and i could choose any 4 other riders besides myself for each of these categories they would have to be…


David Poznanter
Nathan Hoover
Kris Holm
Mike Middleton


Jeff Groves
Trip Glazer
Bevan Gerber-Siff
Sabin Arditty


Dan Heaton
Jess Riegel
Nick Mullen
Tony Melton

damn, those would be some killer rides i tell you what. someday… :sunglasses:

hey zach, thanks for including me :slight_smile:

I woulds want to ride with:

John Glazer
Zach Jucha
Trip Glazer
Dan Heaton

…I really want to meet more unicyclists (in person)


Kris Holm
Dan Heaton
Ryan Atkins
Dylan Wallinger
Dan Doerkson

And I would be their captain, they would come to me for advice on a new skill they’re working on.

“Well, Kris Holm, this one is pretty hard. I think you could get it eventually, though…”

I think I’d settle for any other unicyclers, I’m almost the only unicycler in my town. I really enjoy riding with trials bikers and people who do other sports too so if I had to make a riding team it would probably be like this,

-Michael Foote (me)
-Justin Mcneil (probably the only other unicycler in my town)
-Adam Newburry (a trials bike rider in my town)
-Steven Carrier(best damn pogostickist ever)
-Rick(builds and rides tons of low riders,he might make me a “lowrider” uni)

If it was just unicyclers I don’t think I could really choose a team, Because I’d rather ride with friends than people I don’t know, no matter how good they are.