Your Chance To Own - The UGLY Rears Its Ugly Head

For Sale: The SH Embarrasment is available for YOU to own. [THREAD=49538][/THREAD] I wonder is anyone has actually ridden this thing. It will fit a 3" Gazz. I want $175 for the frame. I will include 1 5/8" bearings with it. Also that '05 KH wheel with 165mm cranks is available (very lightly used with a Gazz).

Holy c^%$*! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a VERY RARE piece of art. I thought paco won it in one of the CMW drawings.

$175 for just the frame.
a little expensive in my opinion. even though it is a cool frame

How strong is the frame? If a KH is 200 new…Then this one must be better than the KH used…

It’s a steve howard, so of coures it will cost some, it’s a one-off piece.

Spencer: Ha, I am not used to seeing that frame actually on a uni. It has been sitting around Evan’s house for a long time.

Originally Posted by Borgschulze
I bet it’s light?

Spencer: Nope.


Its very expensive…for a cheap Taiwanese frame, which it is not. Why not go into a fine art gallery and ask for a one of a kind painting for the same price as a cheap print.

edit: $175 is practically free for a one-of-a-kind piece of art like this.

:astonished: All i can see it that is one fine piece of work there. :astonished: