Your answer to - Where's The other wheel?

usually: “the other wheel is in my head”

sometimes with people making fuss because I am on the pavement: “it’s bad to poke fun at a disabled person, tss…” (I really like that one: since I am not young you should see the face of the confused person who is considering what did escaped him/her >;->

i once heard a guy say " at home on my biverticycle"( did i spell that rite?)

It takes twice the man to ride half the bike.

I left it at home with the punchline to your “joke.”

I haven’t heard that one for 15 minutes.

I like that one.

I keep a running count of idiotic comments, and my standard answer is “125” (the number I’m now up to). Often they’re daft enough to ask “125 what”, to which the answer is “126…”

This is only for people trying to be clever or offensive, I always stop to talk to the genuinely interested.

I usually curse at them under my breath (I have a short temper, and barely anyone ever takes me seriously on my uni. Almost NEVER). Then I just smile (AS I CURSE) and keep on riding.

Though a funny thing happened to me a few weeks ago. This old dude and his wife (they were probably in their late 40’s) were riding on their b*kes when the man said to his wife ‘‘Look he’s missing the back wheel’’. I felt like screaming to him ‘‘HEY IDIOT!!! DOES IT LOOK LIKE I’M MISSING MY BACK WHEEL??? I’M MISSING MY FRONT WHEEL GENUIS!!!’’ Then I thought wait I’m not missing either wheels. So I just let him be.

How ever when ever someone is interested, almost never, I tell them the stuff I can do and things like that.