Your answer to - Where's The other wheel?

What do you say to poeple when they ask you “Where’s the other wheel?”

French connection uk OFF! :smiley:

It was a tandem before the divorce!

(i’ve never been married, but they don’t know that)

My answers vary for different occasions. Sometimes I just ignore the question and keep riding.

“The cops stole it”
I’ve been saying that a bit recently after my encounter with the Police, where they got confused and confiscated my unicycle under the local skateboard bylaw, not realising that a unicycle is not a skateboard.

“At home”
This is a lame remark, but it’s true because I have more than one unicycle. Makes for a quick reply but isn’t very entertaining.

“He’s got it” (I point at Ben riding his unicycle)
When I am riding with Ben I can conveniently blame him for having the other wheel.

“It’ll be along in a minute”
I got that reply from the list of “where’s the other wheel” replies, because it is easy to remember and I quite like it.

“I don’t need a trainer wheel”
I say this to bicyclists sometimes. I think I got it from the list of “where’s the other wheel” replies too, but I might have known about it before seeing that.

“Where are your wheels?”
I’ve been meaning to try this one on a pedestrian sometime, but haven’t gotten round to it yet. It’s weird how people think it’s unusual for someone not to have two wheels, when they have no wheels themself.

It’s on my other unicycle… :wink:

I look around confused. . .oh, wait, that is my normal expression.

You could say: “It ran off with your I.Q”, or “It ran off with your sense of humor”, etc.

Maybe you could carry a tiny wheel on a lanyard and show them that?

Maybe give them the “Wil E. Coyote” look, as if you just realize you shouldn’t be able to ride on one wheel, and crash into them?

More than one wheel is too complicated.

I no longer need training wheels!:smiley:

  • This is my other wheel.

  • I don’t need an other wheel.

Search around, there are old posts on this, with long lists of answers.

other wheel?

my favorite one has to be “its on my other unicycle”

people get confued by that one lol!

Lol. A police car once went passed me when I was on the pavement. There was a roundabout just ahead and the car stopped. The passenger policeman stuck his head out the window and stared at me. I gave him a big grin back and they just drove off.

I usually ignore the question when people ask me but sometimes I say I don’t need training wheels.

I was ponderin’ about something like this earlier… I want a t-shirt that says “If you can read this the tandem has snapped” or something of the ilk…


“I can’t afford it.”


do something amazing…
evil look.
I don’t really here people anymore tbh it go’s in one ear out the other!

crack out the shotgun they normally give me money is that busking?

I like to look around frantically and yell “OH GOD! WHERE’D IT GO!?” Then I spazz out and fall off.

I use heckling as practice for big time comedian days that are soon to come.

Oh man, I like that one !!:smiley:

“lost it in vietnam”

point to the ground “its right here, duh”

“its in your a*s” (only if i’m in a bad mood)


They make them with two wheels now?

I can’t afford it, I work at Wal-Mart.

It’s on layaway.

Twice the man on half the bike.

its a unicycle stupid its only meant to have one wheel!!