Yountville uni

I was in Ca. this last weekend and rode with my brother and nephew in the Napa Valley and on the beach in Half Moon Bay. A very short (stay) trip, but it was worth bringing the uni’s. The grapes were just starting to get sweet. Beautiful area. Cheers

Too bad we missed you!

We did a Mt. Diablo road/off-road ride on Saturday (cokers!) and a fantastic MUni ride in Santa Cruz on Sunday. Next time, Join Us!

I’ve done the Uni-Tour wine tasting thing before, and it’s a blast.

I barely had enough time for sleep, it was a last minute suprise 50 bd party for my bro who lives in napa. We mostly drank, surfed, boogie borded, golfed, ate, drank some more, and uni’d a little. 40 hours of driving for 40 hours of time there, all worth it though. Next time I will plan on more time and definetly hook up with all of you.