Youngest crankflipper and 360 unispiner???

<----18 here…can’t land anything…except a 180 lol :slight_smile:

That is pretty incredible… :sunglasses:

I can’t do either. I’m too ‘trialsy’.

But might start learning unispins one day…

How do you do half a unispin?

17, same, :roll_eyes:

I can do a side mount though :slight_smile:

i really dont know how u do a half unispin and ive like dropped trying to do a 360 unispin im mostly doing like crankflips and stuff today i was trying to get a hickflip i kinda got it lol
edit(i use a 19 inch maxxis tire)


Me too!

Sounds painful. :astonished:

Not sure, but I think it involves whacking your shins with the pedals real good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, he said half a crankflip and a unispin. I read that wrong.

But half a crank flip?

the cranks only go 180 instead of a full 360. so the pedals switch places. i’d guess.

So pretty much you do a rolling hop and lift your feet off for a second.

No you you just push or the front foot take youre feet up while lifting up then hop. I learned crankflips before unispins for some stupid reason.

you could do half a unispin sorta if you jump up onto the tire. I can sorta do that…can’t get back down to the pedals though. I bet i could do a unispin. i’m just afraid to because i don’t have any shin guards or anything lol. Damn pedals are so intimidating

im 15 and thats all i can do too heh

I mean half a crankflip. I get how to do a full one.

Why do you want to learn half carnkflips? Its easier to just do a full one. It will only slow down your progression.

ur comin to unicycle with us sometime

i dont care i own every single one of u on skis

well if you can do a half you have the technique but u just need to push harder.
at first i couldn’t get the cranks to spin fast enough so i practiced and now i get them spinning

Thats not how it happened with me. I used to do halves and basically if you just ride and jump off the uni when you land back on it it will have flipped half way so pushing harder would not help at all. To do a full flip you actually have to do something to make the cranks spin, with a half flip you really don’t.