Youngest aged crankflip ever?

Does anyone know the age on this?

Do people really keep track of those kinds of things? Seems a bit pointless to me, then again I probably won’t be beating any kind of records for anything so none of it matters much to me :wink:

The age of the crankflip? I think the CIA keeps numbers on that. Send them an email. :sunglasses:

I think they meant the youngest person to do a crankflip. But I bet it’s pretty damn young. Crankflip was 2004 wasn’t it?

Yes the crankflip was invented in 2004 by my brother… Mike Clark. Already knew that part. I was wondering what the youngest person to do a crankflip is

I reckon Raphael Poham would of learnt a crankflip when he was even younger than he is now. I think he was doing triples when he just turned 13 but no too sure.