young unicyclists?

Rick Plavnicky <> writes:

> My son Damian will be two in August. He gets so excited when I take out my
> unicycle for a ride! If I hold the uni up and my wife supports him, he’ll even
> sit atop the seat. (Of course, he needs to extend the length of his legs by
> five times or so to reach my pedals…) And if I ask him if he wants one, he
> usually says “Yes!”

Do you ever take him for rides? He’s probably too small to piggyback but one of
those baby backpacks might be the thing. This will depend on your own skill
level. Please use a spotter at least for the first few times and keep the rides
short and simple til you both get used to it.

He’ll be having a blast and you’ll be programming his little nervous system with
the feel of balance and your own reactions to imbalance. Young people are like
sponges–now is the time to begin teaching.

I’m trying to get my 5 year old daughter interested in learning to ride.
She enjoys riding on my shoulders but so far has resisted the urge to ride
her own uni.

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Dennis Kathrens

Re: young unicyclists?

In message <> writes:

> My younger boy sort of wanted to learn on his own like I did without my help
> but gave up early. I have spent some time with him but he doesn’t want to
> spend the time to learn. I took turns at the beginning working with each of
> them and the older boy progressed faster. The young one got discouraged and
> has pretty much given up. I think he will learn eventually but I have found
> you can’t make him do it.

Yeah, when you’re too young its hard to get the determination. I remember my
father taking up juggling when I was about 8. I tried it several times but never
stuck with it. Around the time I turned 13 or so, I finally managed to practice
on a regular basis. (So, your OLDER son is eigth, I DON’T want to hear it!)

Anyway, now its the reverse. I learnt to unicycle, so I figured I’d let my
father take a few rounds on it. He tried for ten minutes, but hasn’t got the
determination to practice. :slight_smile:

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