young unicyclists?

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My son Damian will be two in August. He gets so excited when I take out my
unicycle for a ride! If I hold the uni up and my wife supports him, he’ll even
sit atop the seat. (Of course, he needs to extend the length of his legs by five
times or so to reach my pedals…) And if I ask him if he wants one, he usually
says “Yes!”

What I’d like to know is how old the youngest riders might be. Anyone got any
cool stories to tell about little kids and their unicycles?

Maybe I should buy him a twelve-incher or so and let him grow into it?

Rick Plavnicky <URL:

Re: young unicyclists?

My boys are 6 and 8. They got a unicycle for Christmas 1994. I got my first
unicycle in January of 1994 and taught myself to ride after I got it. So, my
boys have not been exposed to unicycling for very long.

The older boy wanted to learn because he saw the book that came with their 16"
Miyata. The book was called “Anyone Can Ride a Unicycle” It said anyone so he
figured that ment him too. I went through the 6 step learning process with him
in the basement over the winter months. I told him I would pay him $10 when he
rode all the way around the block (we have a big block) without stopping or
falling. I had to payup last Thursday. He is really doing well wit h his free
mount and gets it most of the time. I also promised him he could ride in the
parade with me on June 23 if he gets pretty solid with his mount. He is just
thrilled! He has taken the uni to school and likes to show off to his friends.
Most of his friends have never even seen a unicycle before. I think it is a real
boost for his ego because he is not the athletic type.

My younger boy sort of wanted to learn on his own like I did without my help
but gave up early. I have spent some time with him but he doesn’t want to spend
the time to learn. I took turns at the beginning working with each of them and
the older boy progressed faster. The young one got discouraged and has pretty
much given up. I think he will learn eventually but I have found you can’t make
him do it.

Now for my 2 year old daughter…

I can at least point to it and say “What is that?” and she says unicycle.

Andy Arhelger

Re: Young unicyclists

Never teach young children to ride unicycles - they’ll get way too good and show
us all up. :slight_smile:

There’s a young girl at my local club. She started to learn last year (when she
was 8) and now she races around the place on her 16" - I can’t keep up on my
20". It’s sickening.


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