Young unicyclist with prosthetic leg

In our unicycle club one of the girls has a prosthetic leg (also a couple prosthetic) fingers. She is only in 5th grade Today she successfully rode a giraffe around the gym. It was very amazing. She was having some trouble keeping in contact with the pedal on the down part of rotation with her prosthesis because she normally rides a 16” and the giraffe seat doesn’t go as low as she is used to, also the pedals on it are the united plastic ones which have very little traction. Does any else know someone who rides with a prosthesis?

wow that is amazing

i can hardly ride with two good legs

and i dont think i no anyone that unicyles at all

hmmm i guess i have a lot to ponder

I think Kenny from Texas does. I think that is amazing. She must have an unbelievable amount of dermination. It’s tough enough learning to ride with everuthing being 100%, I am sure seeing her ride is very inspirational.

He’s not a unicyclist, but I am reminded of jon comer…

wow. if i could take my hat off more than once, it would be done. i mean seriously, people complain about little things all the time, and about how they could never do that. determination sovles all, get off your ass and look what you can do. i now feel like a lazy good-for-nothing by comparison. you are the Awesome. don’t rock any harder, some of us might take you for Granite.

Yep, a friend of mine I’ve known since the late '80’s has a prosthesis and does road races and mountainbike races. I was very impressed when he hopped on my Muni and rode away with it last summer. He lost his leg just below the knee in an automobile accident several years ago. He was actually faster than me when I was still racing. He’s quite an inspiration and a heck of a nice guy :smiley:

All I can say is: “Wow”

KC, how tall was the giraffe? Were there people around to catch her if she fell? I could imagine it turning out pretty badly if she fell from like 5 feet or so with the prosthetic leg. Am i wrong? Any idea of her competence with big falls? I can’t even imagine what it would be like.

There’s also a pro skateboarder with a prosthetic leg (starting below the knee). He’s really good too. I couldn’t imagine landing kickflips down big sets with a foot that you can’t control. I was too terrified with my own feet. I think he’s been working with designers to develop more athletically-oriented prosthetics.

She did have a pretty bad fall that looked like it could potentially damage the leg but she just got back up and tried again.
It was a 5 foot giraffe.

I’ve seen pics of a unicyclist with a protestic leg. But now reading someone is doing a giraffe… wooooow, respect.

Yeah, that’s great to hear. I wonder what the risks are of falling on a prosthetic leg from a giraffe.