Young new rider learns fast

Two weeks ago, Brad invited one of his schoolmates, 11-year-old Logan, to club. Logan is a natural athlete and very gifted in many things. At club that night, he was up and riding across the gym within 15 minutes. Then he rented unicycle and took it home for the week.

Last week, Logan brought the unicycle back and was riding as if he had been riding for years. He officially joined the club that night and passed Level 1.

Tonight, Brad brought his Coker for Logan to try. It wasn’t five minutes before he had the mount down and was zipping round the gym. After that, Mary and I banned him from the club. :slight_smile:

We’ve seen two other boys learn quickly at camp a couple years ago. When we go camping, we always take the unicycle trailer and the kids of the campground have a blast trying to ride them. Two years ago, it took two boys into day two before they were riding down the road. But we’ve never seen anything like Logan. We might have to rename him Smiley II.


There seem to be a lot of people like that out there. A freind of mine learned in maybe 2-3 days. I thought that was good. He has a uni now, too. Another convert! There are now 8 people who can ride in my town, when there were maybe 0 before we started!

woa i learned it in 30 min!! I thought it took me awhile!! But guess not!

I think it depends on how active the person is before they start unicycling. a lot of my friends who are now unicyclists rode bikes a lot before, and they learned quickly, as in a few days. But I barely ever ride bikes, now or before I learned to uni, and it took me weeks before I could ride well.
and skaters learn fast too. I think you need a good sense of balance to be able to skateboard well.

A while back a random mountain biker stopped by at our juggling club and asked if he could try to unicycle as he had seen me on the trail a few times and was interested. I showed him the normal way we teach beginers and he just laughted and started to try to free mount on his own with horrible failure. He frantically continued and with a few tips was able to freemount a little while later but then was only able to get a few inches of riding. This guy keept pushing himself to get it and in under 15 min he was freemounting and riding 500 feet unassisted. In another half hour of pratice he was already better than some people in the club who had been riding for 3 months.

Some people just are amazing learners.

Dang, it took me 2 weeks to be level one and I did mountain bikeing and bmx a lot. NOt far.:smiley:

I met a BMX biker who wanted to try my uni. He freemounted successfully on the second try, and made it about 20’. Then he used a pole and did a figbure eight. Within 15 minutes he was making it down curbs. All of this was done on my ONza with mad low air pressure and a very short seat.

Mike Middletonlearned in a few hours.

my friend wanted to learn to uni so i went over yesterday with my old uni. He had the free-mount down within minutes and was going about 10 meters, i couldn’t believe it he did what took my a week in about 10 min.
then we went out on to the road for some more practise and he free mounted and went all the way around a roundabout.

after 5 hours he is now level 3, that took me like a month, he will probably become better then me soon but i don’t care

My mate learnt in a couple of days, and learnt by doing a running mount which certainly takes some guts. It also resulted in him getting a fair few cuts on his legs from my metal pedals!

Having some to ‘show’ you is a big factor.

I learned on my own, in about 2 weeks I was going up and down a high grade hill I lived on.

When I was in college, the gurls tutored did rather well.