Young folks - Martin&Josef Sjönneby

Released later than planned, clips from March - August 2010.


Really clean video, LOVED it, definitely left me wanting more. The beginning really shows the joy of riding with friends :stuck_out_tongue: . Mad skillz guyz!

That was freaking awesome. Sidehops were huge! Scuff coast was beastly long, you guys are really good at all styles.

That was so awesome, I liked everything about it. That scuff coast was amazing…good job you guys.

Mmmmm info

Instantly became one of my favorite videos. The riding is so clean.

I think Josef has one of the cleanest styles of anybody, ever.

Cant watch it in germany. Can you upload it somewhere else (UTV…)?

Tried… Gonna try again later.

Thanks everyone!

I loved it! Intro was really chill, handrails were sick, and 9.5 (I think) scuffcoast :astonished: . Nice job guys.


the other stuff was also awesome :stuck_out_tongue: Stylishhhh

woah! that was awesome :smiley:
love the mix of riding, my favourite clip was either the scuff coast, the big sidehop gap or the pirate ship stuff! :stuck_out_tongue:

That was freakin’ cool. The 9.5 scuff coast was awesome.
Great work guys.

Finally someone puts their awesome skills into a great video! Been a while since i’ve seen a video i liked that much, the lines where awesome! just my type of video :slight_smile: Great work you two.

I am an “old folk” but really liked the watching the “young folk”!
Mighty fine filming and riding.

you guys are amazing =D
awesome style… so smooth!

I love the music and editing

That was awesome! That scuff coast was crazy long! Everything was clean and sick! I like it:)

plz try to upload it for the Germans =)

One of the things that I really liked that I didn’t mention in my first post was the treysidedoubles up and down on the 2 rev manny pad. There aren’t many riders who use those anymore, and it kind of reminded me of Shaun Johanneson a little bit.

woow definitly the best movie i have seen in a while!
riding is so good
and the country is soo beautifull!

Thanks everyone for this extremely positive feedback.

I believe Josef will get pretty happy when i tell him about the Johanesson thingy…

When i get time, ill try to upload it to vimeo aswell.