You'll never believe who's on a uni

So, I periodically browse the road bike and MTB forums, and I’ve been active in a unicycle thread on the road bike forum.

Well, stop the presses, because someone posted these in that thread. According to the poster, they were taken last Sunday (2/4/07). I think, should this guy learn to ride well, he might have a shot at some records.






Oh yes, that’s Lance.

Thats pretty cool.
I was about to post I dont get it but then I read the other thing you linked too.
I wonder if Lance will get into riding.

Geeze, someone raise his seat. And where did he get Nathan Hoover’s unicycle?

Isn’t that a new Torker?

it might be, it would be much easier to tell if there was just they uni

but, i hope lance gets into it, he is one of my all time heroes

thats so wierd…i was just daydreaming about him learning to unicycle the other day

Alright, Lance vs. Kris Holm in an XC MUni race…GO!

its a regular ole special ed.(hehe) CX

I’m gonna let it go that he is on a CX only because it is yellow. Any Uni he gets (if he gets one) should be painted yellow. And no crappy ‘Trek’ decals either…

the smart money’s on kris

Lance wouldn’t even touch Kris is a uni race.

Oh, I know, but I think it would definately bring some attention to the sport. However, if Trek starts making unicycles, I’ll get mad.

it is a CX
the seat has a YELLOW TINY bumper on the front and the crown is square

Kris needs to just donate one to him, so he has one. That’s marketing.

Yeah man, that’s the way to do it. If he really does get into it though, I’d like see a Coker and tear up some charity rides, lol.

Since we’re on the subject of giving Kris advice, I’d also suggest reaching out more directly, connecting for a “sit down”. If the best in the world in one sport is even remotely interested in learning another, seems like it would be appropriate for the best in that sport to connect. Given the recent marathon coverage, Lance doesn’t seem to have any issues with being seen and associated with new endurance sports that he’s not the best at. He might make a good fit for Kris’s “cross-over” riders. Also, it would be fun to see him go up against Iron Mike in that Colorado railroad hillclimb. Smart money would be on Mike, for the first couple years at least. But once Lance realized there was someone else on the planet with a similar VO2 max level, he’d get pretty serious about training and competing.

As long as Lance stays away from my hill climbs.:wink:

Edit: Hey, the guy on the road bike forum got those pics from, in this article. You may need to join to see it, but it’s free.

Definitely not today, judging by those pictures. Ah, no matter who we are, our first attempts on a unicycle all look kind of the same. The self-mount (attempt) with the pedal at the bottom, the too-low seat (probably because the uni was being passed around), the too much weight on the shoulders of the spotters.

But if Lance were to get into it and decide to train, it’s the Ken Loois, Dustin Schapps and other famous road riders that would have to watch out. But I can’t see Lance being that interested in coming to one of our competitions though…

That’s probably right. There wouldn’t be enough sponsors at a uni event and unless he raced in the Ride The Lobster race he wouldn’t have a team of riders to blame for dragging him down and a Federation that has riden on his coat tails, using his success to reap the rewards of huge sponsorships and funding.

I am quite sure that if he did learn how to ride and spent any amount of time training, he would be able to conqueor even unicycling though, after all, he is Lance Armstrong. He has done some incredible things so far.

well it woudl create great advertising, and kris should defo think of sending him a yellow kh 24 or sommit lol

but i dont really like lance, i mean respect and all, but all these top cyclists are way too competitve and will do anything to win, and if u look at the facts, he was drugged up on every tour de france…

(this isnt gonna make me popular now is it… uhm never mind)