You unicycle — what else can you operate?

Oh yeah, I operate a banjo and a 20 key concertina I found backstage.

I can operate a bong pretty well! :wink:


Hmm lets see,

Cars to large trucks (small dump truck is the biggest) and vans

Sail boats , Catamarans, Motor Boats, Rowing Sculls, to about 25 feet

Canoes Kayaks rafts Flat water and White water

Water ski, wake board, Snow boards ski’s

Equipment for camping, Map, Compass, Rock Climbing stuff, anything else

A bunch of Circus stuff static trapeze, cloud swing, spanish web and rope, tight rope, german wheel, knives torches and other dangerous juggling implements.

Virtually any Toy

I have had the controls at a single prop plane a few times but I didnt take off or land so I woulndt say I can operate them safely on my own.

I want to lean how to hang glide, unassisted parachuting,
and motorcycling.

i can fly planes

Electric forklift
Diesel forklift
Big Joe/order selector
Stick shift vehicles
12 gauge shotgun!

i have hours loged in…

piper cub
mooney 201 lm
cessna 182/150
pitts s2b

i fly are cub a lot and can all most land it

a b**k, a mullet, a gameboy, a playstation,and (of course) a computer

Anyone else find that funny? I’m not trying to diss you. It just sounds funny.


Direct extraction ion source
Sputtered ion source
Nobel gas charge exchange ion source
Crossed beam polarized ion source
RF discharge ion source
FN tandem van de Graaff accelerator
36 stage 1/4 wave superconducting linear accelerator
Full auto assault weapons (REAL assault weapons)
Lawn mowers
Garbage disposal (CAN: garbarator)
Washer and dryer
Microwave oven
Convection oven
Motor vehicles up to two ton flatbeads
High risers
Giant slide rule
Residual gas analyzers
Helium leak detectors
Nut cracker

Motorcycles (though not well yet)
most household appliances
Plasma Enhanced Melter (PEM)

My zipper is stuck. Help!

hey cyberbellum, whats that? It sounds fancy. Is it some kind of moving your body weight to get the canoe going?

The hovercraft sounds cool too!

I dug my basement with a little Bobcat Bulldozer thing when i was 14. That was a lot of fun!

I can jump over a small power boat when i kitesurf. I guess thats my claim to fame.

What talented people unicyclists are. i cant say im surprised, though. :slight_smile:

Instrument rated in multi-engined aircraft.

I can operate three objects in a juggling pattern.

I can say the alphabet backwards.:smiley:

Re: You unicycle — what else can you operate?

Various musical instruments

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

I figure it’s pretty clear that offroad unicycling is a stupid thing to do - joemarshall

i operate unicycles…nothing else

wow now i feel like i have to learn something to keep up with you guys

Yeah, well I can operate Windows! :astonished:

i unicycle, hmm i can rollerblade, ice skate, bike, and i can drive, although i dont have my license. also, im an eagle scout, been scouting since i was 10, (im 19 now) i guess thats it

Originally posted by mango

hey cyberbellum, whats that? It sounds fancy. Is it some kind of moving your body weight to get the canoe going?

Gunnel jumping is just standing ontop of the sides of the canoe (the gunnels) and simply bending ur legs and straightening them (ive been in canoes since i was born) you just havew to make sure your feet and the gunnels are dry other wise might expeirence an expierience similar to mine where one of your feet slip off of the gunnel and u land right on top of it inbetween ur legs (not fun)

i cant operate:
full size van
kayak (flat and white water and sea)
alto sax
um and whatever else that i cant think of

Hey, me too! By pressing down a special key it plays a little melody.

I can operate…

  • a motorcycle (street and dirt)
  • an automobile
  • a bike, inline skates, ice skates, and other boring stuff
  • coffee roaster, French press, butter churn
  • other various cooking and cleaning devices
  • 36 stage 1/4 wave superconducting linear accelerator
  • and…

To yesterday, I am learning to drive the tractor, brightly, brightly, and with beauty.