You too can write for On One Wheel!

Hi guys!

I’m working on putting together the next issue of On One Wheel, and I wanted
to remind you that your contributions are welcome (and encouraged!). We
would love to hear about your unicycle events, rides, muni excursions, club
updates, uni building or anything else you’re up to. Also, if you have
events you want listed on our uni calendar, send those my way too. Send your
stuff to - thanks!

but any earlier is just fine. :slight_smile:

Thanks again,
Tammy Marsh

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Really nice job on the last issue, Tammy!

Re: You too can write for On One Wheel!


A lot of the stuff you’re asking about is discussed in this group. You
might want to “select” some people and nudge them into contributing?

>Hi guys!

And how could you possibly forget the gals?

Klaas Bil

"Wilma Flinstone’s maiden name was Wilma Slaghoopal, while Betty Rubble’s maiden name was Betty Jean McBricker. "

Great idea to post here, Tammy. I wasn’t sure if you read this stuff or not! One of On One Wheel’s problems these days is too much to read here, so why should (cheap people) spend $15 for what they can read there?

Answer 1:
Quality information. What you read here on the newsgroup is just stuff off the top of whoever’s head is writing. it. In On One Wheel you should find only researched material that has had more time and effort go into it. Plus the stories usually have good pictures right next to them, no waiting for download :slight_smile:

Answer 2:
The Unicycling Society of America is also where those conventions come from. Your membership dues helps pay for the insurance and other costs of those events, as well as the everyday expenses of keeping the country’s official unicycling promotion group going.

But as someone here has suggested, Tammy, go after the writers. If you see something interesting in one of these topic areas, ask to do an ariticle based on what you saw here, or ask the people to write something more “official” about it.

You can also use this forum to find out what people want to read about. There sure was plenty of MUni in the last issue. How did everybody like that? Any complaints? I think we need more feedback to know what to put in that thing.

And last but least, what would you like from me?