You should've been there!

Just had to share a funny uni story with you here. Being Spring Break here in Vancouver I had the supreme pleasure of going for a lovely 29’er ride mid week. Not many people were around as I wheeled my way along the Stanley Park seawall. I felt positively spoiled to have the delightful bike route and stunning scenery to myself.

As I returned to the more urban parts of town I was joined by a cyclist, of the two wheeled kind. It turns out he works in a bike shop and has been interested in taking up unicycling. He peppered me with thoughtful questions and had a quiet enthusiasm about him. We rode along together for a few kilometres and gradually the conversation turned to the legend of unicycling, Kris Holm. My new cycling companion, Ryan, shared with me his awe for the one wheeled wonder man. I replied with my own feelings of admiration and described some of the amazing skills I had seen Kris demonstrate on local club rides.

Just at that moment we neared the underside of the Cambie Street bridge, a popular skateboard spot and a favourite for local trials riders as well. Looking ahead, Ryan said, “Oh look, another unicyclist!” That in itself was surprising even to me as I ride weekly and virtually never encounter another one wheeler. But what took me by surprise was that this other unicyclist was none other than Kris himself!

As we meet up, I said to Kris, “Oh, we were just talking about you.” and looking to Ryan introduced him to Kris. Imagine his surprise and amazement. After chatting for a bit and then letting Kris get back to work after his lunch hour uni trials break, Ryan rode on with me. He was stoked! Quietly he stated, “Its a sign! That’s it, I really need to take up unicycling NOW!”

I WAS there. I was posing as Ryan. Sucker. You were always easy to trick. Have you always been this gullible? Did you get your geezer specs yet?


nice one Greg! :smiley:

Funy story men.
But Harper was it realy you?

erin thats wicked… i wish i could meet kris just by riding down the street…thats it im moving to vancouver

Really wicked!

I wish i could meet a unicyclist somewhere, we are a few around here but we dont meet unless planned to. :confused:
KH the least! :wink:


so what kris coming at you? if not we know it’s made up. who could catch kris holm?

What’s gullible?

So Cool. Now I have to re-think my ‘there is no god’ thingy .


and so you do!