You people are BAAAD!

Before I found this site I was content to ride around town on the roads and bike paths. I could free mount and turn anywhere on a reasonably flat surface.

Since finding this site and being influenced by this one wheeled madness, I now ride off road, seek out obstacales and have started trying to convert innocents to this insanity.

In june I had one learner sun uni I have bought 3 more uni’s, since then and given away 2, one to my 22 year old son and one to my 16 year old neice. My son has been there since I started learning and can free mount about 1 outta 3 tries, he rides up to 1/4 mile without a UPD. My niece was just in town for the last week and can already go two laps around the tennis court (4 courts) and turn in either direction. She’s a natural I spent maybe 6 hrs. working with her, I sent her back to Montana with a torker and shes trying to learn free mounting.

I just spent the afternoon with my 18 yr old nephew riding longboards and teaching him to uni, hes pretty good at balance sports so I don’t think it will take him to long to get the knack. I’ve also spent about 3 hrs with my daughter (20 yrs) and she can already do about 10 revs and freemount to a balance point(shes only ridden out of it once), she wants to learn free mounting just to piss her big brother off.

This has crossed the line from a hobby into an obcession, in june I could only ride straight, turn and navigate pavement. Now I am building obstacles, consistently makin 20"+ drops, riding muni, and sinking a small fortune into gear. I can’t thank you guy’s enough all the tips, instructional videos, and input have really increased my enjoyment of this sport.

Special thanks to all the people who keep their learning journals and proress reports( Largeeddie,unilateral,alucard, and many others). and to Darthelevator for attempting juggling so early, I’ve made 27 catches so far and wouldn’t have even tried yet without your video. All you other old hands keep the tips coming and know that your input and thoughts are much appreciated by those of trying to catch up.

Like the title says you people are BAAAd! It’s not like I didn’t already know how to waste my time and money!

Some say nothings impossible,
I ask is it impossible to waste time and/ or money.

Did you learn anything in wasting any time or money due to these Baad People?

If yes, then well spent. Nothing wasted?

If you said the many regular fellow riders influencing us on the website are obserdly addictive, knowledgable and skillful in growing riding and spreading the passion. +1 for me

Bad People? Bad is something unwelcome usually. Could be interpreted wrongly like by me. Guess im a big kid. Kids dont like bad things happening or bad people.
For me I love these guys in

Im glad to hear your story and you are inspired by many of them too. Likewise whats happened to me.

I could say they owe me!? wow all the time and money due to these ‘bad people’ wasted lol

In fact i own them. For what iv been given by these kind sharing genuine people i can never give back even a fraction. Also much of the time and money they have saved me with there opinions and experiences.

Special thanks to Terry (Unigeezer)
All the videos and time he shares to us. No one yet can match hes kindness, humor or Age with hes level of fitness and skill.

Truly inspirational. In this context for me hes the BADDEST of them all! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the post, edgybonehead. It’s great hearing about all the progress you’re making and how much you’re getting into the sport, and I appreciate getting the name check in there.

Good job with the “grow your own unicycling team” project too! I’ve gotten some others to agree that unicycling seems like fun and great exercise, but none so much that they’ve wanted to learn themselves. Scattering free unicycles around like Johnny Appleseed as you appear to be doing might be the best way to get anywhere with that.

One of my jokes is that my 20" unicycle from Amazon cost me less than I spent on some horrible first dates where neither of us had any interest in there being a second one. I think my new policy will be: No I won’t pay for your dinner, but I will buy you a unicycle.:slight_smile:

We baaad.

Now you baaad too. :sunglasses:

If I had more money, I’d have that many uni’s as well…

I’m addicted. I dropped another $500 on this “hobby” this week. I ordered a Drak 29" and a bunch of safety gear. That should satisfy my craving for a while. Yeah Right sure it will.