You Muni guys are crazy !!!

You Muni guys are crazy !!!

I went on my first muni route this morning. I did a lot better than I thought I would - THANK GOD FOR KNEE PADS AND WRIST SUPPORTS!

I’M HOOKED :smiley:


Instant addiction – ain’t it great?

I just returned from a wonderful MUni this morning myself – new trail (for me), absolutely stunning canyon, climbed better than I ever have, feelin’ good…Wow, what a sport!

Enjoy your newfound addiction!


Re: You Muni guys are crazy !!!

Thank you, I resemble that remark!!!

Ain’t nothin’ more fun than one wheel in the dirt.

Welcome to the Dirty Darkside!!! hehehe

I’m fascinated by the fact that many people (me included) can try Muni one time and become instantly hooked. My son was 5 when he became addicted to Muni on his first trail ride. I guess it’s just great fun!


What does MUni mean? From the way you’re talking about it, it sounds like unicycling mixed with hiking.

Ride that sucker down a trail and you will know what they are talking about! Mountain bike trails ROCK.

Muni means Mountain UNIcycle, hence MUNI.


It means sore balls, sore knees, a large ammount of sweat and being unable to stop smiling for 2 days !!! :smiley:


Cool, sounds like fun. You would probably need a very good unicycle to be able to have it withstand the mountains, right?

Any OK ish condition unicycle will do to start muni riding, just take that wheel off road, tr a down hill slope with one or two bumps and see how you get on, then try a twisty single track path through the woods.
Its a much fun as Quidditch but you don’t need so many people for it.

See you at the BUC where the British unicycle Quidditch tornamnet will be happening again ( all things going to plan!). April 25-27th Kidderminster.

Originally posted by James_Potter
What does MUni mean? From the way you’re talking about it, it sounds like unicycling mixed with hiking.

It is what the people who aren’t good at Rubick’s cubes do to have fun. :wink:

#1. It means your eyebrows way up in your forehead, a 1/2 grin 1/2 look of shock on your face.

#2. It means getting airborne (if only for a split second) launching off a trail-crossing root and living to tell about it. (see #1)

#3. It means kareening around singletrack switchbacks, leaning way into the turn (so you’re not “over” the wheel anymore) (see #1)

#4. It means attacking the uphill, spiking your heartrate to 213 bpm. (Here the look on your face will change to the grimmace you see on NFL Guards right at the snap). (Don’t crack your enamel)

With other forms of Unicycling, your sense of accomplishment comes from getting the trick after days of practice, or riding 20 miles in less than a day, etc.

With MUni you are continually facing (and overcoming) challenges that flood you with that sense of accomplishment the entire ride. And your next time through, you’ll do some of the stuff that got you last time.

You’ll love the looks/comments you get when you ride out of the woods covered in mud, spitting leaves and twigs.

Technically: MUni means “Mountain Unicycle”

After my first real (read: muddy, wet, snowy, rocky fun trail) MUni ride Saturday I can also, sadly, attest that MUni means rest, ice, compression and elevation. :frowning:

I had several good dumps that I enjoyed thoroughly, but at the end of the ride I tried a line through some roots that I was pretty sure I wouldn’t make. I was right, and when I came down I sprained my ankle.

I spent a lot of Sunday icing and researching ankle braces - now it’s off to check out Active Ankles…

Luckily (or not, according to my wife) I had already had a taste before I got hurt. The hook is set; I’ll be riding trails as soon as I can!