You know you're improving when...

WARNING: Those with delicate sensibilities may be slightly offended. The rest of you probably won’t care two hoots!

I went out for a short ride after work today and felt that I was doing so much better than before. I’ve not made rapid progress as it’s hard to find the practise time but tonight everything was that little bit smoother than before. I only realised that my style was probably much better because I was much more relaxed. How did I realise I was more relaxed? Simple; I farted:o Up until now I’ve been pedalling around so tensed up that this would probably have been impossible (and the beans I had for lunch probably helped).

So has anyone else come across any other unusual measure of progress? The ability to eat spaghetti whilst gliding, scratch your arse whilst one foot idling, anything?

Have fun!


Real progress you ask? A real measure of progress is riding 5 hours without a dismount. Not a big deal right? How about the fact that I peed at about the 4 hour mark and realized the goal. Anal? -Maybe. Goal oriented? -Yes. A real and unusual measure of progress? - Absolutely!


Re: You know you’re improving when…

> peed at about the 4 hour mark and realized the goal. Anal? -Maybe.

Actually it is not anal. That would be much worse. ;-(


Part of me wants to know “how”. A much larger part really doesn’t want to know…

Phil, just me

i know “how” just put on an adult diaper and nothing sould matter four a day or so.

RE: You know you’re improving when…

> So has anyone else come across any other unusual measure of progress?

Brett Bymaster does this on the trail all the time. I just wish I wasn’t
behind him when it happens.

I bet he won’t appreciate me mentioning this here, but he sure doesn’t seem
to mind when we’re on the trail… :slight_smile:


hmmmmmmm, well the only thing i can think of is im pretty good at lifting myself off the seat now when my inbetweenthingies start to get sore. wheras before i was not, and that sucked…


the first call i answered on my cell-phone while riding
the first call i dialed on my cell-phone while riding

how did u manage to lift off the seat if your inbetween thingies sucked?

sorry, couldn’t resist

she’z a girl…she did it by hovering of course!my girlfriend is allwayz talking up the “hover”…

i am aware of her female persuasion
u dont see hovercrafts sucking, do u?

all hovercrafts seem to suck and push.if we all get this excited when "unijess"posts its a good thing,right???

might be time to change the sour look?



Don’t you mean Hoover?


when did u last see a floating vacuum cleaner?

no Animation, i dont mean “Hoover” i mean hover as in craft.learn to seperate consumer products from innuendoe’s.

Innuendo? What have Italian suppositories got to do with hoovers?

okay your De-lurking a little bit more than i’m comfortable with,now go back in your hole… :roll_eyes:

Sometime round about 1985. Take a vaccum cleaner that can also blow, one large sheet of plywood with a “skirt” (wooden battens or cloth will do). Cut a hole in the wood to take the nozzle. Put vacuum cleaner on board, plug in, turn on and voila! One floating vacuum cleaner!

Hey, it was a long wet summer, and the idea of building a hovercraft seemed like a good one. This was our “proof of concept” model, we never got to the stage of building the one with the moped engine and extractor fan.

Have fun!


<straight man>

The phrase “hover”, which had been used, in conjunction with the “sucking” comment, made me thing Hoover Vacuum cleaners. They do suck. In a good way.

Not that I’d want to attach one to my saddle.

</straight man>


Re: You know you’re improving when…

>They (the vacuum cleaners) do suck.
>In a good way.

I don’t really want to know anything more about your sex-life :o)

Rasmus Rimestad