You know those wooden things surronding parks?

You know those wooden barrier sort of things (see the photo) surrounding parks? I rode along one yesterday! I’ve alway wanted to try it out and I had heaps of fun. Now I’ve got to work on gapping from one to another. I used a nice big pole to hold onto at the start.

I’ll soon add quite a few videos and photos to my album including the video that this photo is taken from. I’m re-organising my album a little bit.


movie extracts - woodern round rail.jpg

Great Photo.

Your ankles and shins look quite vulnerable. I focus on this because I’m sporting a mighty goose egg on my right shin.

Most of the more accomplished MUCsters wear “leg armor” for that sort of thing.

I happy to be the guy behind the lens. But can’t help but try a thing or two. Did I mention the goose egg on my leg?


Get yourself some shinguards from the Soccer section in any good sporting goods store; as good as you’re doing you shouldn’t be wasting time lying on the ground nursing a preventable injury. The photos ROCK! carjug

I’ve put a review in the Product Review Forum of my SixSixOne knee and shin guards. I do usually wear them but I was in a hurry to get out and go riding that time. Thanks for the concern:).