You have to try this...

Ended up once again in the 4th floor computer room, but this time with the
unicycle. As I was on the way out, it was getting late, there was no-one else
around and I was bored so I thought ‘hey, why not try idling in the lift

So, whir crunch whizzzz and I’m up. Lift gets up to a nice speed and then
<sound of lift slowing down, 'cos I’ve no idea how to write this without
embarassing myself>
Whoa! Did I just have that seat gently shoved halfway up my
backside, or am I trying to idle in the lift?

But seriously though, it’s such a bizarre experience I pity people who
can’t unicycle. Try it! I haven’t been up in a lift yet, but it won’t be
long now giggle.

Next I’ll move on to a modern lift on the other side of the site, and believe
me, you don’t want to use this one just after breakfast. (Jez, you know the
one!) I can’t wait…

Cheers, Paul.

(PS Unicycling does things to your mind, and if this post isn’t proof…)