You guys ROCK!

This is why I love Muni I work construction and can’t work with broken limbs. Also love that you can jump off last minute with minimal damage to the Muni.

I tell people that I feel safer on the unicycle and they think I’m crazy. It is true though, you can bail more easily and you aren’t going to have as much momentum on collision. Muni is great fun!

well said pedro, have fun!
I love the community here, i’ve started talking to lots of funny people, and i’m constantly inspired to improve, especially by seeing how bad the biketrials scene is :slight_smile:

Yeah people want to argue… I’m like (for one your not qualified you can’t ride both I can but I don’t tell them this). I say its a lot slower speed and more control also safer for others I’ve almost been taken out by mtb’ers that are going way too fast, at lest I’m wearing full gear some of the hikers are old using canes! They usually really like me after bringing the speed thing to perspective because I am also thinking of them. Sometimes I’ll even promise not to fall on them they like this and even laugh. :smiley: