You guys ROCK!

I am on a forum for another sport and I am so shocked by how helpful and respectful people are on here. Sure aint that way for the other one. You people have amazed me from day one. Thanks, every one of you!

it was b*ke forums wasn’t it? : P

actually, in all honesty, the fixed gear/ ss forums from there is quite rude n.n’ kinda turned me off of my own bike, ended up selling it. toootally want a touring bike now : )

was it observed trials? those guys can be major asses. especially if unicycling is involved! Ask Derek Schmitt for more on that though :wink:

I am also a user on a local B*ke forum, and it’s actually quite scary how people carry on on there. There is so much taunting, back-biting, back-stabing, name-calling, insulting, etc… it’s shocking actually. So this forum is very refreshing and the self-moderation is awesome.

oh why don’t you idiots shut up?!.. oh wait I’m not in a bke forum oppps :D. Yeah there has only been a few times that people have been mean on here. You guys are always so helpful think it says something about our sport. This forum is responsible for me being a unicyclist today from helping me pick out a Muni to free mounting help (MR. unigeezer especially). Heck I’ve even talked to MR. Holm himself when I has trouble with a touring handle within hours of my question. That never happens in the bke world that you can talk with the man regarded as the best in the world.

Always helpful thank you guys

There maybe some gross generalizations about b*kers there not all that way.

I love this forum!

This forum has been great. I am registered on other forums but don’t use them. The people here are more interesting and I think have more incentive to share online as there are fewer of us out in the world.

I do most of my unicycling alone so it is nice to be able to share our info and experience. I came here originally with a mechanical issue and have been checking in ever since. My knowledge and skill have greatly improved as a result and I have met some other cool riders too!

IMO the bike bashing around here is silly but I have thick skin. If it weren’t for bikes where would we be?

If it wasn’t for Unicycles … where would the bike be ? :wink:

IMO the bike bashing around here is silly but I have thick skin. If it weren’t for bikes where would we be?

Probably farther along:D. IMO to be a unicyclest you hand to be thicker skinned because of all the opposition to something different. I just believe that we are nicer people.

I don’t really get your point but I am open to understanding it with help.

If it weren’t for bikes how many tires and pedals would you have to choose from? How about camelbaks and bike shorts. I don’t think the unicycle market would sustain any of it. Without bikes we would have few choices in the realm of gear.

I am here because I love unicycles. Putting down other hobbies achieves what exactly? Is there honestly anyone here who did not ride a bicycle before a unicycle? The bike preceded the unicycle and was the catalyst for it in the first place so to quote an ancient commercial…“Where’s the beef?”

Ok, how so?

I would like to think so…Definitely a more eccentric and interesting group around here though for sure. I enjoy all of the creative thinking that goes on around here. The inventions, group events, jokes, quotes… I’m just not into being an elitist so I will leave the tricycle bashers to do that on their own.

I don’t have any problems with bikes :slight_smile: I do kinda feel sorry for them that they can’t feel the exhilaration and freedom of riding on one wheel. But bikers love their sport and I love mine … no problems :smiley:

As for my little chirp … it all starts with a wheel … nothing sinister :slight_smile:

I sensed nothing sinister from you. Just didn’t get the joke. Now I do and kinda like it :wink:

The list of exhilarating things to do in the world is endless and none of us will get to do them all. :slight_smile:

Ok, how so?

That was more of a wise crack then fact (hence the grin). Bikes have definitely helped or sport especially in the ways of technology. Just think I’d we had more riders how much better our sport tech and prices would be.

Absolutely…Imagine designing a geared hub for a unicycle. After years of designing and tooling you hope to sell 11 of them. They would end up being like $(us)1400 each! :stuck_out_tongue:

(BTW to edit quotes leave the bracketed quote code on both ends)

haha I used to post there when I was doing well on the b*ke trials scene…

They basically hates unicycling cause we got a lot of space that they had… We had a united community that they didn’t… And we get lots of attention that used to be on their skills…

Also they still can’t accept the fact that Koxx earned lots of money selling uni’s…

Anyway, Spanish bike trials riders are usually awesome! Ultra acceptive and funny guys! The spanish bike trials community is really nice… If anyone is around Girona or Catalunia at all, should ride with then! I heard that swedish and russian riders also shares a similar spirit :D!

Back to the topic, I’m always impressed with the uni world! When I registered here, the community was smaller, and I know some of the guys who started this forum (inlcuding Gilby himself)… I always thought that if the number of members increased we could loose all the connection and the good “vibes” we have here… We would be more competitive and become something like observedtrials users :p… but no, we got many new members (lost some too), but the awesome spirit that I found here some years ago stills here :D!

This forum helped me a lot… I hope to be able to support it for a looong time… Find old friends and make some new ones!

I would like to write more, but Phil (who I met firstly here!) is arriving here in São Paulo really soon and I must meet him :p! Going to be a crazy week around here :stuck_out_tongue:

Just on that- I found this and what AlisterBurt said is totally true

WARNING (just bad language) - THE LINK

If it wasn’t for b*cycles where would you be
You’d be in the hospital or infirmary.

oh… and thankyou .

And Fred Dagg hits the unicycling pages, would you believe that’s about 40 years old. Great song :smiley:

BTW Thanks to the original poster, the positiveness of the forums here is a delight to me. Thanks everyone for making it so.


I spend far more time injured from the 2 wheeled beast. :frowning: