you got what i need


loved it!

bmxing is so impressive.

Good video.

anthony, you got what “i” need;)

ha sweet vid man, try not to sprout another wheel. Them bikers will do that to ya.

Really enjoyed it, cheers for that.

Nice riding.

Ive always liked how you ride. Good vid.

Be surprising if we started seeing some tech from you. lol

awesome uni & bmx!
i love mixed sport vids., that freecoaster on yur bike looks like it would be fun to ride with. i wish i had a nice place to ride, as simple as that was, it is better than my under snow and frozen in dirt jumps.:frowning:

you should join the bicycle discussion thread in JC.

GOOD RIDNIG, keep it up

M9 has my shoes :o lovin’ the style Anthony

anthony always loved your movies.
awesome movie.


coole movie

can’t see it :frowning: