You Call That a Sport


I am not sure if someone has already caught this, but here it is:

One of the students at my school caught this in a student soft cover book called, "You Call That a Sport” that was being sold at our book fair. In the last few pages it has two pictures taken by John Foss with a brief synopsis of the sport. Who’s riding and when was this? Below are the two pictures that take up each page.

I just saw that at my school book fair too. Everyone else who saw that at my school were really surprised that people could unicycle in other places than the circus :thinking:

Great photos!


The top picture is Kris Holm, it looks like. I don’t know about the second picture, but the last one looks like it might be from some MUni convention. Just a guess…

The second picture is of the one and only…Ryan Atkins!


The top picture is of Kris Holm at Moab 2003, the second is Ryan Atkins at the bridge crossing about 6.5 miles into the Downieville ride at Cal muni 2003. It was taken from the middle of the bridge. The bottom picture appears to be the Auburn trail from Cal muni 2003, although I’m not sure.