You are missed.

> Christopher LeFay wrote:
> Chris,
> People been ask’n: where is Chris Groves. Your wit and humor are missed.
> Take care,
> Christopher LeFay
> (Last of the Mississippi Unicyclists)

Hi there Chris! Hey there everybody!!! :slight_smile:

I’ve been wanting to get on the newsgroup but several things have been
getting in my way of both practicing my riding and posting.

I ‘put my back out’ a few weeks ago and so wasn’t able to get on my
Pashley at all. Man I hate it when I get that all too familiar shock up my
spine when I lift something the wrong way!

One of the biggest things at the end of November and most of December was
working on the “A Time of Trial” bookcover. See: and Forgive my plug here but check it out.
Profits go to the Red Cross for relief related to the Sept. 11th attack.

Then there was Christmas. I have a big family, both my own and my
extended. There’ve been many hours of Christmas shopping. Driving from
Michigan to the Niagara Peninsula, Ontario… Toronto, Hamilton… a
few times.

I had 2 Christmases. One with my wife and kids and my mother-in-law on the
22nd of December and one on Christmas day in Canada.

I’ve had to deal with 2 colds as well. I think my immune system really
took a beating. My wife was away on a business trip the week just before
Christmas up until the 21st, the day before our Christmas. During that
week I was staying up late wrapping presents. My wife had gone crazy on
the stocking stuffers for our five kids and we wrap ALL of the stocking
stuffers. A tradition that my mother started was to use Nylon stockings!
These things stretch and hold tons! This year I couldn’t fit everything
into everyones stockings; I had to use shopping bags! Can you imagine the
kids waking up to shopping bags on their beds?

Mixed in with this was a couple of doctor’s visits as well as some
job hunting.

Soooo… I’ve been busy.

I kinda figured that I’d get back at the unicycle stuff after the kids
went back to school… today! “WhaHoo!”

There’s been snow here as well… since Christmas… but we had a bit
of a thaw and the ashfault looks clean. I have some errands to do today
but HOPEFULLY I can finally perch atop my Pashley… and immediately
fall off! :slight_smile:

Christopher Grove