You And you Uni In a cool Place

just like the title said post some photos of you and your uni in a cool place

how long ago did you take that picture?

I have a picture of me and my uni in the garage but I don’t think that would quite fit the title.

on our last ride why

Judging by the pic. It seems like its been sometime judging by the quality of the pic too.

it looks like you have longish hair.

Ok, that’s cool.

I can’t wait until some of the people who went to the UNICON in Switzerland post some pics.

what ?

me to

how do you insert images???

I mean the quality of the pic make it look like it’s been sometime since you were there. Unless it was the weather the day the picture was taken.

Nice work, watson.:wink:
Maybe he just lowered the quality so he could actually upload it.

Maybe that’s it :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: Where is the pic taken at BTW??

Volcan Villarica, Pucon, Chile.

Ibirapuera Park - São Paulo - Brazil
Its a huge park near my home, got lot of trials lines and this flat surface for freestyle…
its awesome

sem título3.bmp (1020 KB)

unicyclepa’s picture was taken at valley forge park Pennsylvania.

Damn you, I was just about to say that:p

Thanks for that guys. maximus unius, I’m saying thank you to you too because you were going to tell me. :wink: :smiley: :wink:

both are in villa de levy colombia


i don´t think that worked so heres the link to the gallery


This one is literally “cool”!