You all, Go. Now. Download. Video I made today Some Trials and Street

Tell me what you think!

I think… that I have to wait for it to download all the way.

Your So Great! I Love You! Your My Idol!

Hah, yay. People are actually looking at my videos!

Okay, finished watching it!

Not bad! It looks like you got the onefooted riding down pretty good in that last clip. Now you just need to do it off of those stairs from the begining. :smiley:

By the way, is that a nimbus trials?

Nah, beford. 2004 I beleive? It has a 2004 KH Hub and Crank setup. I got it from a person off of this forum a good while back.

Cool. It looked like a nimbus, but then it didn’t bend when you jumped off the stairs. This is what I looked like when I saw it: —> :thinking:

Hahahaha, a bedford is a fat kids dream unicycle!

Nice video, I was rooting for you every time you tried to ride that little rail thing at the end there.

Sort of annoying music, but I can let that go. :stuck_out_tongue:

is that bedford light duty?

No, the light duty doesn’t have a splined hub.


Nice riding poisen and preciate’ the help with my avatar on my other name.

You need a tripod:D

u need to learn 1ft more and some more tricks couse its the same 1 ft over and over so learn more tricks den make another vid :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

pretty spiffy, you’ve gotten much better since your last movie! need to learn to do a rolling hop down the stairs though, looks cooler that way (: nice job

Yeah, I’m not a very good at rolling hop. Practice makes perfect, right? I’m still to much of a wuss to try to roll hop those stairs, or really any stairs other then that 2 set haha. I’m still working on more tricks, i’m learning how to unispin. Off and on. Shits hard, and gliding and wheel walking and whatnot. It’ll be a good long while before I get any of that down.

good riding there. next video you make, try to cut it down, so you just show your best stuff - then if you really want, have a fine selection of a few crashes at the end. good to see all of the vids on the forums . . kep 'em coming!

Nice movie! The way I worked my way up to rolling hopping bigger stair sets is to get extremely comfortable riding down them. Once you have that find about a 6 or 7 set or so, and try just hopping about the first 3/4 steps and riding the rest. Do that until you feel comfortable then jump farther. Now you have rolling hopped a big set! Good Luck!

I didnt saw a street move

anyway, nice one foot riding

Yeah learn the rolling hop. Do Bedford light duties really not have a splined hub? I guess you really have the one footed thing down huh? as for the music…i liked the original version better. But good job dude