York Cycle Rally

Oww. Owwww… and… well… owww…

A varied mix of lots of sun, lots of riding and new (but EVIL!) shorts means that I’m sitting here very sunburnt and with a sore rear… but it was still fantastic fun.

We - Joe Baxter, Joe’s Dad and myself - started at about 11am ish with a ride from the racecourse along the river towards town and around the Minster. Highlights of this included seeing the flood level markers in the Kings Arms (the York pub that’s always on the telly, mostly underwater) and Joe riding down a massive set of steps in front of LOADS of people and doing it perfectly!

Lots of people commented on the ride, and this continued back at the rally… because of the presence of loads of weird and wonderful bikes the daft comments were down to a minimum and people were genuinely interested. We met a chap riding a pashley muni, met a few people who could ride a uni fairly well, and saw someone with a BUC-10 t-shirt. We even ran into some person describing himself as “Miark”…

Joe and I put on an impromptu demonstration when we found some random blocks of wood, and did some jumps and balancing on them. Loads of people watched that, including a photographer for the Yorkshire Post; I shall have to buy a paper for the next few days… :slight_smile:

I got a couple of photos and video clips; they’re in my gallery, here: gallery.unicyclist.com/phil/

On a related note, my KH-hubbed trials uni is now complete and in one piece… I finally got the wheel back from the bike shop (after taking it in 8 days ago, the bloke went on holiday!), so I shall give it a go tomorrow, assuming I can walk, let alone ride…


Looks like fun. I like the photos and videos.



Thanks for a great day Phil! Without you it would have been rubbish. I really enjoyed the ride to York. LOL, and going down them stairs!! :smiley:

I also managed to get a puncture in my saddle! See post titled: Saddle Puncture!

I have noticed though, that one of my arms is more burnt than the other! Sounds weird, but the only explanation I can think of, is that the most burnt arm is the one I don’t hold the saddle with when I jump, and so is ‘sticking out’ and getting burnt! LOL, I thought that was quite funny! :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the vids + pics, I should have taken my camera! TUT

Hope to meet up again before BUC11 Phil! :smiley:



In today’s Yorkshire Post…


Very nice, congratulations!


Hey! Thats me! :smiley:

Were is the pic of you phil? :frowning: Oh well… look, your bag is in the pic (on the grass) too! :stuck_out_tongue:



emails Phil

I’m too ugly to be in the paper. Think of the civil unrest that would ensue… nasty.

Evidently I have good taste in random carrying things though…