Yooper Uni's for sale on Ebay

18" Yellow Jugglebug, item #7242777036
24" Torker Unistar, item #7242782806
16" red unicycle, item #7242789929
24" homemade ultimate wheel, item #7242831239
20" chrome Cycle Design, item #7242839107

Got lots more to sell including some good stuff to be revealed. But I’ve got to find shipping boxes first in order to determine shipping costs before I list.

And one more for now:
24" Miyata Flamingo Deluxe, item #7242852697

Why are you selling all of these guys?

I don’t think all of them are guys. Maybe that’s why we have so many behind the closed doors of our trailer.

We have put our club on indefinite hold because of needed family time. High school years are pretty demanding and we tend to stay very involved with the boys’ activities. For instance, for last fall’s soccer season between Ben’s H.S. varsity soccer team, Brad’s club team and me coaching the H.S. JV team, we had no less than 58 soccer matches to attend. And it just keeps getting busier. There was winter wrestling and indoor soccer, followed by track and outdoor spring club soccer, not to mention our involvement with the church. So we had to make a decision on some cut backs, and we’re not done yet. We’re also trying to whittle down some clutter.

I see =p

If there are any new unicyclists out there looking for a good cheap uni, im gonna tell them to look at our unis, they are still good, and really cheap.

Thanks. I appreciate the help. And we’re not done yet. Like I said, we’ve got some other fun stuff to sell. Hopefully, I can get it listed soon. Man, unicycles sell well on Ebay. I’ve got a couple bids already and lots of lookers, and it’s only the first day.

selling uni’s is fun, who needs a better reason than that!?

In the words of a great American, Sam McCloud, “There ya go!”

Here comes the good stuff. Two more uni’s listed on Ebay:

6’ Torker giraffe, item #7243173207
36" Coker, item #7243171233

boy you got robbed on the one negative feedback remark…if you had to send them back, of course nuetral is fair!?

what a hard card that guy was.

Yeah, it was the only time that I had any trouble with Ebay. The lady sent me the dog clippers after her husband sharpened the blades. Supposedly he has a sharpening business. When the clippers arrived, the blades were plenty sharp but when the blades retaining screws were tightened, the blades would not vibrate back and forth. I tried every adjustment possible but couldn’t get them to work.

I thought I was nice enough about it and was going to return them to her, but I made the mistake of leaving understandably neutral feedback for her before I returned them. Man, she blistered back with plenty of venom. How could I ruin her business like that!?! Her husband even called me at work several times. In the end, he asked for the clippers back but by that time, I was pretty frothed myself and simply told them that they had just traded clippers for negative feedback to me. I still have the clippers and they still don’t work.

He offered to have me send the clippers back in exchange for canceling all feedback but I figured the negative feedback on my end was pretty self-explanatory and told him that I would not take his phone calls anymore.

Hey Yooper would you be willing to ship to Canada ( ontario specificly ) and if so, whats the shipping charges?

Sure. I have some items listed with specific shipping charges. If the shipping charges are in excess of what’s listed, you’d pay actual shipping costs. The other two, the Coker and the 6’ giraffe, you’d pay actual anyway as mentioned in the ad.

What are you interested in?

Just curious more then anything, I’m looking for a good starter street/tricking uni. so maybe the 20’ chrom. Depends on how crazy the bidding gets I s’pose.
Thanks for the shipping info


I’ve got a basic chrome Torker that I’ll be listing soon. Maybe that will help. I’ll announce it here when it’s listed. Hope to get it listed this weekend.

WAHOO!!! More Yooper uni’s up for sale! They’re hot! Get’em while they last!

24" United MUni, item #7243575817
5’ giraffe with yellow Viscount saddle and white Primo tire, item #7243599177
20" chrome Torker freestyle with blue Primo tire, item #7242839107

Why e-bay and not here? Can you get better prices there? I want the Torker 24" UniStar but I have to bid on e-bay to get it. Oh, well, I’ve done it before and gotten some good deals. I don’t presently own a street 20" or 24" because the frames and wheelsets went into renditions of other unicycles or were given away as gifts. I was thinking another standard crome Torker from UDC which is cheap but maybe the e-bay thing can work for me again.

Are you keeping any? I see your Coker is going as well as the others.

Posting here doesn’t make me pay fees of course but Ebay gathers a larger audience. I’ve posted a few things here in the Trading Post forum and nothing got sold. So I chose Ebay. Nothing personal, folks, just business.

Yep, we’re keeping several; my 24" Sem, the boys each have a freestyle and a trials, we have three Cokers and we’re keeping the best one, couple others. We do have some parts that I’ll post here eventually, seat posts, a Suzue hub, Miyata seat covers, etc. It’s just a time factor for me. It’s summer and life is rolling a breakneck speed at the moment.

i envy you, i wish i had that many uni’s to sell all at once. i only seem to get one at a time going :frowning:

But yours are always the exotic ones.