Yoggi Jumping up the Eifel

Any news on Yoggi climbing the Eifel on the Unicycle? Any articles pictures? Did he actually do it?


check koxx-one.com

I think he did, I am pretty sure that the new nude picture on the Koxx-1 website is part of his “holy crap I did it” celebration.

There is already a thread on this. Search on “Eiffel Yoggi”. According to Dustin Schapp, “Yoggi broke the record by jumping 670 stairs in 22 minutes and 23 seconds.”

I hope for more detail, such as which steps, video, etc. but in the other thread…

This is a cool looking uni! :sunglasses:

You mean Dustin Schaap, THE Dustin Schaap :wink:


i think this is what they meant when they said “try and add something to the thread…”

You don’t know Dustin?
Shame on you dude :roll_eyes:


i do know who he is LOL

iwas refering to the thread about the “rules of the forum” discussion

Attached is a picture of Yoggi jumping some stairs, you can also see it the Koxx-One website. Yoggi did break the record of jumping 670 stairs in 22 minutes and 23 seconds as John mentioned above.

After I uploaded my article on Yoggi’s record onto my website I received an e-mail from Leo Vandewoestijne who had just bought the Union DVD and in the DVD Pablo Rath jumps 779 stairs, what we don’t know is wether it was done non-stop, what the time was etc. Anyhow, there were no guiness book officials present so as it is, Benjamin Guiraud (Yoggi) holds the official record.




is yoggi’s real name Benjamin Guiraud?

Yes indeedy. Now which one you think sounds more “cool”, Benjamin or Yoggi?


well theres something i never know.

yoggi sounds a bajillion times cooler.

damn, what a workout that is.

it would be even cooler if he rode back down all 670 stairs.

yoggis a benjamillion times cooler name