Hi all, I think I told you I got my stolen unicycle back, well i’ve now sold
that to my brother for E70, and gone ahead and bought the 24" Nimbus II 2003
unicycle for £148 (E217) including shipping from unicycle.uk.com.
It arrived yesterday, with a 3" tyre from Maxxis installed - that is one phat
tyre! :slight_smile: I took it to the garage to inflate it to 60 psi, and after riding
200 yards, had a blow-out. The tube inside was only designed for a 2.5"
tyre, so it must have been a little over-extended, exposing a weakness in the tube (anyone care to offer advice/opinion on this?). I did notice that the Kris Holm saddle was amazing compared to my last saddle, like floating on air (relatively speaking). And the feeling of going along near running pace without much exertion is delicious. I’m going to get a smaller tyre in addition to the current one, I reckon that’ll be better for my purposes for the moment.
While juggling in Eyre Square (Galway, Ireland) a few weeks ago, and teaching my
brother to ride the uni, a guy came up and said “Can I have a go?”. He
was the 5th person that day to ask, so I told him he could, but he wouldn’t
get very far. Well he hopped up, and did a quick lap of the square, and came
back grinning from ear to ear. Turns out he’s from Limerick, he’s been
unicycling for 10 years, and has never met another unicylist before. He’s
pretty decent. He was freemounting his giraffe, cycling one-footed in figure-of-eights, and going down steps backwards, all with the greatest of ease.
I told him he should come to a juggling convention to meet some other
unicyclists, and he was very surprised - he didn’t understand why there might be any connection between juggling and unicycling. Anyway, its good to have another addict living close by, it gives a sense of community or appreciation or something.

Re: yippee

a new uni and a new unicyclist all at the same time!

must feel like X-mas in july


Well GILD, it doesn’t stop there, I put out a few feelers on bulletin boards of the local mountain bike club, and have just been contacted by yet another unicyclist. This is getting ridiculous!
Also, I have located a shop in Dublin which supplies the 24"x3" tube. I’m going to try out a 24"x2" tube on it as a temporary measure, until I get as far as Dublin. I’ll see how it goes.

Re: yippee

Ahh… I think the problem was inflating it to 60 psi. You probably don’t need to go over 30 psi with a 3 inch tire.

cheers and good luck… Mojoe

Thanks Mojoe, that’s the kind of info I was looking for.

i share your joy
i just recently managed to make contact with a unicyclist who has (possibly) the only COKER in south africa
he’s coming around to the club tonite and i’ll get my first ever chance to sit astride the behemoth!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Enjoy the ride, Boet


quickly, tell me the secret to freemounting the thing
i want to impress this dude

Stand behind Coker, making sure that a large tree is 1/3 meter to left side. Compliment the dude on how nice the Coker looks. Then, with an exuberance of expression, point toward the horizon and shout, “What is that?” When he looks that direction, quickly grab tree and pull yourself vertical, letting go of the tree just as quickly. Then very casually say, “Hum, the was easy.” :smiley:

WORD OF WARNING: Ride off quickly. Trying to idle on a Coker can make you seem kin to Humpty Dumpty, VERY QUICKLY! Truthfully, riding off quickly on a Coker can be very challenging the first few times also. --chirokid–

i noticed


And since moving up in the unicycle skill levels calls for a variety of free mounts, here’s another variation on chriokid’s:

Start with the tree on your right side, then point up and to your right and exclaim “Look, it’s Halley’s Comet”. When he looks, grab the tree, mount quickly, release, and ride away.

This mount is preferred for twilight or evening riding…

Tom, you and I got WAY to much time on our hands. --chirokid–

We also sell them but recommend the standard tubes. Unicycles generally don’t need to have the super heavy weight tubes unless you are doing really really big drops and are likly to nip the tube. The big tube has another dissadvantage… I would estimate that it reduces the bouncyness of the wheel by about 30% due to the rubber and weight.

On your comment on tyre pressure, I only have 15psi in my tyre. 60psi is definately the reason for the blow!


Thanks Roger, I’ve got it at 25 PSI now, and took it on its first proper outing this weekend - to Inis Oirr, an island 40 miles off the atlantic coast of Ireland… lots of badly paved inclined roads, lots of marron-grass pathways. lots of flat craggy limestone gaps… just the right terrain for a newbie like me to progress 50ish yards between UPDs. Actually, its the island used in filming the opening credits of Father Ted. And I think it was the first unicycle on the island. Some lovely comments from locals:
“Jaysus, that’s a fair handy yoke” - from a lady on a hi-nelly bicycle
“Is it real?” - I spent a few minutes arguing with this old man, he was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to ride it, and thought it was some sort of trick when I did.

I’ve been carrying my uni on buses without paying for carriage of a bicycle, because every bus driver seems to enjoy the usual banter over semantics.
But I was worried that When it came to getting the ferry out to the island, the staff on the ferry would mostly speak Irish (gaelic) as their first language, and the irish word for Bicycle is ‘rothar’ - basically means ‘wheeled-thing’ - so the Irish word for unicycle is “rothar le roth amhain” - ‘wheeled-thing with a single wheel’, and so they would be perfectly entitled to charge me for this one-wheeled wheeled-thing - depending on what language they were thinking in at the time.

:thinking: :astonished: :frowning:

Boy are you making me jealous!

They let the uni on the ferry without charging, but only after asking me in Irish where I was from, and where my parents were from.
I did actually sleep with it both nights I was on the island, as I was told that some of the other people staying in the campsite [ignorant, drunken teenagers from Dublin] had stolen a local child’s bicycle 3 nights previously and thrown it on the campfire for laughs.