Yippee yes yes yes YESS!!!!!!!

Yes yes yes YES!!!

This evening not only did I manage to ride then hop then ride away, I then rode backward!!!

I don’t want to put me uni down, but I have to as I am soaked top to bottom in sweat my left arm is falling off and my legs are shaking!!!

YES!!! I’ve been practising riding backward for a while, the hop just sort of appeared!


Oh – Just thought that I’d share that with you all.





Good for you, I have just got the hang of idling, hard work though, prolonged idling…



your on your way

Apparently you learned to ride about the same time I did.
When I saw your post, it inspired me to go out and ride, hop until 180 and then ride off backwards . . . .

. . . off-road. :slight_smile:

Try it.
(Perhaps we can challenge each other to learn more quickly)

My current nemisis is my back patio (hopping up 4 stairs and then riding off a 1 1/2 -2 foot drop). I guess I will attempt it after a few more days practicing hopping (but right now it is the only thing around that scares me).

would just like to clarify when I said congratulations that was not sarcasm, just realised that it might have seemed like it the way it was writen.

Good job.

good on you! :wink:

Great Job JJ, it is always nice to hear of other’s success. --chirokid–