Yikes ! New video...

that video was amasing all around… it took up about 75% of my 19" monitor… and it was by far the clearest video ive ever seen on here… good job


That video was amazing! Really good, enjoyed the music, the editing, the riding. 3 Thumbs up from me :slight_smile:


amazing camera work ! and even more amazing tricks !!!..!
is it filmed whit a steadycam ?
my brother makes movies and he’s searching for a wey to make his own steadycam, maby you can help us ?

C’est magnifique.
Great choice of music too.

what’s steadycam?

It’s a camera that’s gyroscopically mounted to the cameraman, thus giving a smooth steady shot.
Check out Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’.

Yikes! Nice work guys the quality was really good and the music suited the theme well…oh yeah nice riding too!:smiley: I especially liked the seat n backflip unispin! Big thumbs up for all of you!
I wish i could ride like that:(

a steadicam doesn’t use a gyro unlike crane heads or helicopter mounts, it uses a bearings and springs to bring the camera to perfect balance on a stick with a weight equal to the camera’s at the bottom, thus creating a zero inertia system that is smooth and floating.
The system is terribly difficult to handle because it is very reactive, blowing on the camera is enough to make it move, but it totally cancels any vibration that the body might transfer to the camera.

In this movie a steadicam clone called glidecam 4000 was used :

It is so great to be in such a nice video!

Good job Thieum!
Thanks a lot!

I really like everything in that video :

  • the way it was filmed and the editing
  • the music (and I’m proud to be a bit behind it without meaning to)…
  • each ride of my fellow riders.
    I love to ride with you guys! (It’s a declaration)

I’m not that famous but …

The video is available for download in 1080i on UTV