Yikes ! New video...

Requiem pour un mono. Wmv9, 51 MB.

I just shot it last week with a bunch of riders from Paris. This file is quarter HD, it was just too big for the gallery and most people can’t watch it in full HD, but it looks a lot better in 1920x1080.

I purposely used classical (well baroque really) music to make a point that you don’t HAVE to use loud and fast music over unicycle footage… I also made long shots to go against the trend of fast paced videos. Just another way to try and be different I guess :smiley:

I am moving to Senegal shortly, do you guys know any rider there ?

I’m not going to Unicon anymore, but the video competition is still up and you guys should enter if you have something that you think is worth watching.
video competition at Unicon - Unicyclist Community

Beautifully shot! The classical music was the perfect choice given the location and the magnificent backdrop! Great riding also! Very motivational for me. :smiley:

wow… that was great… I really enjoyed it.
That’s amazing quality video… I would have loved to see the original.

The music and the long shots worked real well. We actually got to see you guys finish tricks instead of cutting them off and not showing the remount/dismount.

Do you have any other video’s? If so please post a link.

wow, that was awesome!

The angle and flowyness of that varial flip were awesome.

Who is the one doing all the flip tricks?

I really liked this vid.

that was a great video. Everything was perfect, location, quality, song, riding. What was with the rollerbladers and the wheels on sticks? Oh ya i liked the ending!

e has some great vids in his sig.

That was pretty cool. I especially loved it when that guy rode right in front of the bloke taking a picture - priceless lol.

video quality was shocking!
made it play brutally slow though.
but the riding, and music were spectacular!
absolutely brilliant!

Yeah but I was looking to see if he had any other video’s HE made.

The one’s in his sig are just a compilation of other people’s video’s… most of which I’ve seen posted on this forum already.

toally crazy. that was awmasing just like the location and ridein and everything.
do anythore one

very nice video and very nice riding. The high quality made it especially good along with the tricks. What’s being said at the end when the guy is riding the skinny?

Thank you guys ! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses:

It’s the first uni video I released, well there are a couple of other videos out there of me riding but they are a year old, and I didn’t shoot them… But I have released a lot of videos on TV since it’s my job :wink:

The coaster is Matthieu, the streeter is Manu, he’s already posted a bunch of videos on this forum. Both of them are going to Unicon, so is Anso whom you know.

What’s said along the movie:
First there is the other Mathieu Aka Glen Medeiros who goes UUUUUUUUUUUhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa

Then Manu misses a flatland spin-flip combo thingy and says “it might be a bit too ambitious…”

Finally the cameraman (me) says over the gliding session and the rail : "Are you ready Manu ? Careful, it’s High… OHHHH NO f*ck MANU !!!

End title says Requiem for a uni/by Matayo/with in order of appearance…

I don’t appear in the movie, I was shot, but my tricks are boring or poorly shot.

The video is available for download here until sept 2006, when I move to Senegal

The rollerbladers were using a lame little wheel thingy to improve there balance and use a break. 9 wheels for balance, that can’t be serious… It’s supposed to be new and revolutionnary and help people learn and ride in town, I tried it on a uni, I’m not convinced…

nice video


for some reason it comes up with some error when i open the page.

it finally let me download it after like 6 attempts. thats an awesome video guys. its now in my top ten favourite uni videos. i liked the music and really likes the riding. good job.

I shot it on a Sony Z1, which is a fat prosumer HDV handicam, I would have prefered a JVC with variable frame rate or a Panasonic DVC Pro HD, but they wanted that camera for a job… I got the camera the day before and shot my buddies for 4 hours, ending up with 90 minutes worth of footage. Some good stuff was left out to avoid making a repetitive video that would end up being boring (nice long coastings were droped out of finalcut)…

I used a shotgun mike to capture decent sound and stabilised the camera with a glidecam, I used a tripod for some shots (the only one edited in is the stand up ww).

I might compress a full HD version of it for you guys at some point and either ask Gilby to host it or host it somewhere else.

Thank you tomtrevor for your rating, I need to update my videomono website, maybe I could add my video to the selection. I don’t know, it’s always tricky when you judge other people’s work and decide that what you do is as good as what they do, your positive feedback makes me think it’s good enough.

Off topic : Another video that I stumbled upon diserves your attention

That was very impressive. I really like when the there are good, clear, focused shots in movies, rather than the pixely crap I often see. The music did work very well with the riding, which was good in itself. Very nice job.

I am going to watch it again right now.

That was very impressive. I really like when the there are good, clear, focused shots in movies, rather than the pixely crap I often see. The music did work very well with the riding, which was good in itself. Very nice job.