yey unispins

i just landed my first unispin today… i ran and got my camra then landed two more and did a massive UPD hopefully video soon

Not an easy trick man. (Ask amanda gallacher:p) That’s really awesome that you got it. It’s a great feeling.:slight_smile:

noooo my comp is dead… windows wont even load

i tryed to install my firewire card, sice i had my new motherboard ive not had it in.

apperntly the new motherboard is allergic to the high speed firewire card and has just died, i took the card out and it dtill dont load up at alll arrrgghhh.

so im on my laptop and have no way of uploading my videos unless i install my firewire card on to my bros comp…

Ha ha, naaa she stil hasnt landed one. I have almost. I really am close i could land one by tomorow.


Keep goin guys
well done dale didnt even no u were tryin em

i wasnt till today…

the same people who need crankflips. all utterly useless if you ask me. but you didn’t. so i won’t say.

w00t, i’m almost landing the unispin every time.

uplaoded the video now :smiley: what u all think, i was tierd as you ca tell from my breathing

Hello everyone,
I got a problem with the unispin 180.
After a long time of practissing i only landed 3 times.
A day later i begon practissing again but i can’t see any progres.:frowning:
Any tips?


I can do the unispin 180 finally:D :smiley: :smiley:
I’m going to make a movie i think.

Nice work guys. I’m still scared s#*tless to even try to pull the seat out in front. I’m jealous.:frowning: