yey, new uni!

the new koxx street uni… orange bud, so far im lovin` it!

that look pretty sweet, seeing all these wicked unis makes me wanna get job. :slight_smile:

Im getting a job soon… hopefully :roll_eyes:
That looks sweet, i wish Koxx was in the US…

Division 8 and both have Koxx.

Div8 is in canda but ships to us easily and cheaply, is in us.

Link to the unicycle page.

Thanks, Id never heard of those places…darn they would have been helpful when i was getting my unicycle. I could have saved a bunch on shipping.

very nice. How much does that weigh?


thats really nice on, they include the brake for less than what renegade charges for the whole uni without a brake.

Wow :astonished: ! I love the color scheme!

:astonished: Pretty uni.
That orange and green is sick!

yes its nice… i love it…

i gave around 620 dollars… 4000 norwegian krones… pretty expensive! but worth it;) haha,

done som flips and spins on it now, and its so nice,

it weights around 5700 gr… 5.7 kilos… almost the same as kh,

Sorry to be mean, but you could’ve gotten the unicycle from for 440 euros (, runs extremely low shipping so your total wouldve been max. 460-470 euros, shipping to me costs 10 euros for a complete uni. Also, the Koxx weights about 6kg.

As does Who also just got the new models in.

i got a local sportshop to order one for me… i would have to pay more if i were buying it myself…

it says on the koxx site that its 5.7kilos

my new Kh / koxx / viz uni weighs 5.2. i think the new khs are around there somewhere too.