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okay i am sure you guys are getting tired of me by now, but could you guys please inform me on some of the “lingo” or speach you use in uni tricks like all the grinds, and what exactly a pedal and crank grab is. This would help me alot in understanding what you guys are trying to say.

also i tryed to download the one memebers video and it says there was a problem with the codec.

I learn new lingo daily, so i feel your pain.

At first, i thought that a pedal grab was like in skateboarding and snowboarding where you grab whatever (the pedal) with your hand. I was wrong. A pedal grab is where you jump onto a ledge/rail and land on your pedal and stall there. A crank grab is where you jump up and land on the crank (and pedal).

Another thing that confused me was WTF KH meant. Just in case you don’t know yet, KH is Kris Holm, possible the most popular unicyclist in the world. Now if i only knew what WTF meant.

Watching videos helps to learn the lingo a lot too. KH has a bunch of demos where he explains how to do tricks. So you get to learn the trick at the same time you learn what the trick even is. Lucky you!

Ok I will try to help you as much as possible.

A unispin is where you jump up spin the unicycle and land back on it.

Like Hecklar said a peddle grab is where you catch the peddle on the edge of something. Works really well if you can’t get to rubber from the ground on to it.

Getting to rubber means going from something to landing on the tire.

 If I have not helped you at all please tell me so I can stop writing stupid stuff.

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UNISPIN- jump, spin the unicycle underneath you, land on the unicycle

IDLING-(also known as stillstanding) sitting in place without moving

ROCKING- going backwards and forwards for half revolutions(or less) to stay in place

WHEEL WALK-(often abreviated as WW) taking your feet off of the pedals and pusing the tire with them

SEAT DRAG- while riding, drop seat out back and onto the ground, keep riding

SEAT DROP- stand on cranks, drop seat out front, catch with toe before it hits the ground, either pick the seat back up, or kick it up with your foot

PEDAL GRAB- jumping up to a ledge, landing on it with just your pedal, staying there

CRANK GRAB- pedal grab using your crank instead ( this is how people grind)

DROP KICK GRIND-grind, do a seat drop, kick it back up, continue grinding

TACOED WHEEL- the effect of taking a drop too high for your wheel to withstand, the wheel kinda folds to the side, taking a taco-like shape

BC WHEEL-(also known as the impossible wheel) a weel with a peg on either side of it (like in the comic strip, BC, by johnny hart)

ULTIMATE WHEEL- a wheel with cranks and pedals, but no frame or seat

GIRAFFE- a unicycle with a tall frame and a chain that goes from the pedals to the wheel

if you want to know different tricks and how to do them, go to
if you wnat to know different mounts, go to
if you wnat to know different grinds, search the recent threads in the forums, i think i saw a list there.

Idling is where you go back and forth to stay in one place and stillstanding is where you stay in one place and dont move.:smiley:

okay thank you. You have all helped me out. anything else.

Rocking back and forth is called idling, and staying in one place without moving is called stillstanding. idling is sometimes known as rocking or hovering. but it IS called idling. check the skill levels if you don’t believe me.

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On Sat, 24 Jul 2004 12:38:56 -0500, “litldude2” wrote:

>Idling is where you go back and forth to stay in one place and
>stillstanding is where you stay in one place and dont move.:smiley:

Idling is correct. Some call it rocking.

Stillstanding, however, is where the WHEEL doesn’t move but the RIDER
may move to keep balance.

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I like the idea of not having to balance when out on a ride - joe

GLIDING - is where the rider has no feet on the pedals, he/she uses a foot as a brake on the tyre. The amount of pressure applied on the tyre can be used to maintain forwards/backwards balance. The other foot usually sits on the fork to give a point of leverage. The second leg can be extended for extra challenge.

COASTING - is where no part of the rider contacts any rotating part of the unicycle. (the foot cannot touch the tyre like in gliding)

There are two ways of doing this:

feet in coasting - both feet rest on the crown. The rider uses this as a point of leverage. Balance is maintained by upper body movements.

foot out coasting - One foot is on the crown and the other leg is extended. This leg can be used for balance as well.

These are very often confused by beginning unicyclists. Make sure you know the difference.

:angry: grraghhghg!!! make up yer minds! i posted in here a couple months ago with yer point of veiw, and had this english guy correct me, but now you’re saying that that was an incorrect correction. WHICH ONE IS IT :thinking:

From the USA rulebook:


Various other unicycling definitions are contained in the rulebook. If you haven’t read it you should.

It is found at:

Section 7.2 contains a description of all standard skills.


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