yet another which uni....

ok so iv benn riding about a year now off and on, on an unknown uni i found rusted and busted in a trash bin. it had no seat just the frame, no pedals and no tire… and it was rusted to hell!.. so i cleaned it down got some pedals and a tire and tube at the lbs. i duct taped around the frame of where the seat would be, and that duct tape alone is my padding… not too comfy… ok so xmas is coming and my mother in law and her family want to get me a new uni!! so they saw a sun dh at the lbs and i cant find anyone that has anything to say about it so here is a link to it.
or the ever so popular nimbus II or nimbos X
i havnt really thought of what i wanted to do with this new uni, i just love riding around and i like watching the freestyle videos, but i cant even come close to any of that. i also like all the street stuff. and i used to skate when i was younger so i could possibly get into that too… haha i dont know any way which one should i get? thanks.

I would direct you to, which has the largest selection, and better prices than that Sunrise place you posted (I believe that this is the same uni as in that link). As for unicycles, please get one ASAP! Breaks my heart and makes my butt sore to even think of a fellow unicyclist riding with no seat. A good entry-level uni is the Torker LX, which comes in 20", 24" and 26" sizes and is much higher quality than Suns. It would be a good starter freestyle uni. For more advanced freestyle, I’d reccomend the Nimbus X.For serious trials and street, you need a unicycle with a splined hub (it’s stronger, for drops and hops, etc.), the cheapest of which is the Torker DX. To sum it all up, Torkers are about the cheapest “decent” unicycles you can buy, but don’t get the CX (its saddle is really small and meant for children).

thanks for the comments… i have gone to plenty of time but i never saw the the sun uni im talking about … and your link the pic is not working :confused: do you think the torker lx would be a better choice then the nimbus II? cause from all the countless hours of reading posts on this site today…(just found this forum this morning have been on ever since) i have read nothing but terrible things about the torker lx.

That link is to a Sun that seems to be the same from the description, but UDC ( is sometimes slow about pics. I think it’s the same one. Anyway, as for the Torker LX, it’s great for what it’s designed for: being a good starter uni or a entry freestyle uni (let’s face it, it’s basically a Miyata). I myself had one, 'til I broke the right crank clean off by trying to do trials stuff (hopping and drops) on it, which it is most certainly not designed to do. It’s also reasonably priced, and better quality than a Sun (which are really not very good unicycles). However, the Nimbus is more expensive, but is a better unicycle, and a better looker to boot :smiley: .

The sun DH might be beter than the Torker LX, I dunno… but the LX is better than the normal suns, so…

i think i might be getting either a nimbus X or a semcycle XL long neck. not sure yet though

k now im thinking possiby the yuni 20" freestyle w/ 36 or 48 spokes, and the kh saddle… or the semcycle 20" long neck… im torn…

I have a 20" Torker LX that I got NIB on eBay for $97.97 [this included shipping]. I think it’s great! I had a 24" Torker CX before this, and I think the LX is a huge upgrade. It has a comfortable Miyata-style seat, a 48spoke rim with a 1.95" or 2.10" tire (it’s in my trunk right now, and I can’t remember exactly what it is), and a 2 hex bolt seatclamp.

This unicycle has withstood multiple 2-3ft drops, a bunch of unispins, some short grinds, and me hopping on it up to 24" obstacles.

I think the LX is definately worth $100, especially if you’re just looking for something to ride around.

(I’m also 6’5" and ~170lbs, so this uni must be pretty strong)

no one has any suggestion on either of the two???:o

ok so im leaning towards the yuni 20" freestyle w/ 36 spoke chrome rim, w/ kh saddle…

ok, ok you guys are going to laugh at me now but… i think im back at the nimbus X 20" freestyle… hahah im fickle what can i say… im going to order it from the ol’lbs on monday. let me know if i am making a bad decision!!! thanks for looking out!!!:smiley:

i know its kinda silly that i keep posting and im the only one… haha … but just wanted to let everyone know that the nimbus X20" freestyle uni has been ordered now i get to wait for her to get here

I’m sure that you will get great enjoyment out of it when it comes. Have fun.


PLEASE post of pic of your current uni, especially the “seat.” I really can’t wrap my mind around how that is ridable. You must have some hella skill. When you get on a real uni I bet your mind will be blown.

hahaha yea, that thing is awfull!!! i hardly ever sit while i ride!! and when i do its not comfy at all!! yea i cant wait… unfortunatley i cant ride it till xmas cause its a present from my motherin law:( :smiley: . ill try to get a pic tonight!

go for the sem long neck =)

ok so you are entirley too late seeing that i just ordered the darn thing today!!! where were you when i was asking!?? oh well opefull yio will like teh nimbus X… we shall see!!!

the next two unis im getting are going to be the coker 36er and then a qu-ax with splinned hub… but im waiting on etrails uni till i get better but hopfully will get the 36er with then few months as soon as it warms up so i can switch off from commuting on my track bike and the 36er… i have a felling im going to be rocking the 36er more :smiley:

here is my busted uni… and my 1970’s viner pistoia cicili track bike, and my other love… my kit.

nice fixed gear in the second picture.

So that uni seat was pure cardboard and ductape? That’s impressive.