yet another "which uni?" post

I’ve decided it’s time for me to get a nice 20" uni for myself. At the moment I’m looking at getting a Nimbus II or X. Are the frames on these two unis different in width, or is it just the crown style? Also, does anyone know the crank lengh of the Nimbus II? The beater 20" I have and my dad’s 20" both have 127 cranks, and I’m wondering how the switch to 114’s would be. Are the pedals on the Nimbus X the kind with a layer of soft rubber on the top? It looks like it in the picture but apparantly the picture isn’t 100% accurate. Are there any other models I should check out in this price range (under about $200 shipped)? I’ll mainly be doing street/freestyle with this. Thanks for any help.


Definitely don’t do street with it, but for freestyle both are great. The switch to 114s will be no sweat after about 5 minutes. As for the crown, the Nimbus II frame is wider and has a different style. If you are doing standup tricks you will want to change to the Semcycle XL Longneck frame which is much wider and lower to the crown. Overall, the Nimbus X and II are great, although I would go with the X because of a stronger wheel.

dont buy nimbus uni … not splined cranks u do 3 foot drop with that its over… keep your money and get a qu-ax

max he wants a freestyle uni not a trials…who does 3 ft drops during freestyle?

oh snap I dint read good lmao… sorry

but he did say street… so technically he is kinda right… i say go for the new torker… becuase the old torker LX was nice and sturdy… so i imagin that the new one will be even better… thats just me though


Re: yet another “which uni?” post

On Wed, 12 Oct 2005 22:26:47 -0500, Unitik908 wrote:

>but he did say street… so technically he is kinda right…

“Street” is a confusing term.

To the non-initiated, it often means riding your unicycle down the
street, e.g. for running errands. For that you don’t need anything

The other meaning “trialsy artistic showing-off type riding” is more
recent and requires quite different unicycle properties.

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Yes, I do plan on doing some light trials/street riding. I’m mainly doing freestyle though, so I don’t want a big honkin trials uni. If money was no concern, I’d build my own uni and use a splined hub. I did just order a new computer and recording equipment, so funds are pretty tight right now. I’m not too concerned about it anyway since I’ve given my 26" Nimbus with square hub it’s fair share of abuse (including several 3-4’ drops on leverage maximizing 170 cranks) without any equipment failures. I also have enough self control to not thrash something until I can afford to fix/upgrade it. Speaking of splines, does anyone know if the Nimbus frames will accept any of the splined hubs? I would assume so, but you never know. Also, does anyone know about the pedals on the X? I’ve used ones like in the picture and didn’t like them very much. Will UDC swap pedals out for you? I guess I should ask them. Thanks for the info.