Yet another video from Eddbmxdude!

Hey all!

Whilst looking through the “Unicycling” folder on my 'puter, I found this unfinished project. It starts out ok, then gets a little rough towards the end. I thought I would upload it anyway, just so I have a record of all my videos in my gallery.

Some of you might recognise some of the locations and clips from my other videos.

Also note that this was edited when my video editing software was behaving itself!

The unfinished video

Rock on!

Great video Edd. I really want to come riding with you sometime, would be fun.

Nice video, love the BC’ing and the grind near the start was great.

One thing is, needs to be longer.


Haha! The wheelbarrow part rocked!

youre groovy edd. keep making more videos!

Ha Ha! Thanks for the support guys!
I love making videos, iv been bitten by the bug!
Mike: Its only short because its not finished, and yeah, we should definatly ride sometime.

After that filming sesh the wheelbarrow got totally destroyed!

Rock on!

thats some really nice riding Edd, especially on your BC wheel, nice stuff.

Edd man, looking great. Your Trials look so smooth and effortless. Keep up the good work.
My only criticism, MORE Footage! But surely thats a good thing :smiley:


yeah, i was just barely getting in the “zone” and enjoying it and it ended…


thts what happened to me too but he did say it wasn’t finished.

Hey all!

Yeah it was an unfinished project that I started ages ago and never finished. Sorry about the sudden and dissapointing end!

I am starting to find some new locations and ideas for a new video. Although this next video will be considerably longer and im going to put a lot more thought into the filming and camera angles.

I will keep everyone posted!

Rock on!